Why choose Punch?

1. The Real Deal

Since 1989 until the present, PUNCH® EQUIPMENT’S team of designers and key staff are full-time International accredited Master Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA instructors.

We also Accredit thousands of Personal Trainers & Instructors per year. Go to Punchfit

2. Safety Starts here™

Design concepts are approved once all safety considerations have been incorporated – THEN a product is costed – You get much more than what you pay for!

3. Tested on Humans® = AAA Quality

We ensure each product is right, “fit for purpose” before you get it. Many PUNCH® items have been in documented test and development for over 15 years to get their AAA pretest certification!

4. National PUNCH® Factory Outlets

Exclusive access for Trainers, Gyms and Sports Clubs to wholesale prices from your local Punch® Factory Outlet.

5. Quality we guarantee it* best warranties in the world

In PUNCH® you trust, so we reward that trust with an unequalled Pre-test AAA 2 year plus Punchtex® limited commercial warranties in writing against workmanship and material faults.

6. True weight and size gloves*

You get what you pay for from PUNCH®.

PUNCH® boxing gloves are at least the advertised weight and international length when you see this symbol.

7. Comfort

Serious personal trainers, fighters & Instructors choose PUNCH® due to our ergonomic support and sport-specific designs.

8. Co-branding opportunities

Allowing your corporate image to be placed on a proven product range.

9. Innovation

PUNCH EQUIPMENT® never sits still. This year will see a large expansion of the range in Sports Specific Series, Boxing, Fitness, Muay Thai & MMA.

10. One Stop Shop

Punch Equipment® has arguably the most comprehensive specialist boxing range in the world today.  

Punch also has the largest range of boxing gloves under the one brand name.

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