Up to 50% OFF Christmas SALE

Merry Christmas from the Punch® team!
We have plenty of sale items available in 2018 to get you started for all your fitness goals in 2019.

The Red, 12oz Armadillo Boxing Gloves is a great glove for both training and sparring. It has arguably the best fit of all our gloves and is designed with a massive amount of padding. This helps you avoid injury and protect both you and your opponent during sparring sessions.

The Pink Urban Bag Glove is a feature of our Punchfit® courses and comes at a nice price point for basic training. Ideal for beginners and people looking to hit bags/pads with a comfortable and quality glove.

Package the Red Bag Busters with your own set of Quickwraps. The bag mitts are great for hitting bags or focus pads. Quickwraps will fill out the glove and protects your hands injury during boxing. It can also absorb sweat.

Looking for Weight Lighting gear? This Lifting Pack includes all the basics you need to get started at the gym. Get in early because this pack will not last!

The Speed Ball pack provides you with a full speed ball package for either home training or a Commercial Gym. The pack includes a speed ball, the platform and a swivel for the ball.

If you’re a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach, the Quickwraps 12 pack is a great choice for keeping both your gloves clean and your clients happy while boxing.

Our Famous Trophy Getters® in green 10oz are currently on sale for a limited time only. This glove is the ultimate all-rounder in our range and won’t disappoint. It comes with a full hook and loop wrist, 3 tonne injected mould inside, Punchtex material and full cowhide leather.

The Pro Bag Busters® are an upgrade from the Bag Busters Mitts with its extra features. Such as the attached thumb and 3-inch hook and loop strap.

This sale pack offers our Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves – 16 oz and Mexican Micro Speed Boxing Pads for all your Mexican boxing needs.