Valentines Day Training Pack

Nothing says LOVE like BOXING! and you’ll enjoy this great little pack from Punch Equipment.

Boxing Bag Gloves

Buy Bag Boxing Gloves Pink UrbanFirstly, we have included the Urban Bag Gloves which are great for light boxing workouts.
They come in 3 Vibrant Colours – Hot Pink, White or Black.
The gloves are basically designed as a middle ground between a Bag Mitt & a Boxing Glove.
They are lightweight, breathable and perfect for fitness boxing workouts.
The casing is Carbon Mya Synthetic Casing and they come with Punchcool Ventilated Palms to get rid of sweat.
Highly recommended for Pad and Boxing Bag work.

Focus Pads

Along with the gloves, you’ll also receive our Urban Focus Pads.
These pads are great for training beginners because they’re lightweight and built for recreational use.
They’re also designed for safety with a hook and loop security strap at the back.
With the Urban Bag Gloves, you are able to train multiple clients if you’re a Personal Trainer or Coach.
It’s a medium sized pad so it’s suitable for beginners that may miss the middle of the pad.
In the end, this pad is based on our best-selling Thumpas which will last years of training.

Combo Book

50combo-bookThe PunchFit® 50 Pad Work Boxing Combinations book is designed to help you learn the basics of Boxing and Pad Holding.
With 104 pages, it’s a year syllabus for Boxing pad work for Personal Trainers.
Along with loads of technical and practical safety information for each combination.
The book covers equipment and its uses, plus definitions of common techniques.

Skipping Rope

Lastly, for a great little workout, we’ve included a 9ft skipping rope that can be included in your pre-training exercises or for a warm down.