3ft Boxing Bag Review

In this review, we’ll look at the Urban Home Gym Boxing / Punching Bag 3ft by Punch Equipment®.

Design Features

Compared to our other punching bags, this particular bag is designed to swing around and move you about while boxing. So it’s a great bag for home training, such as in your backyard or garage. It will help you improve many boxing techniques, including evasion, footwork, timing, accuracy and combinations. It’s a really fun bag to work on and will keep you fit! You can practice punch combinations, especially 3 punch combos. With the bag swinging back and forth, you can really work on your timing and combinations.

Who should buy this boxing bag?

Ideally, this bag should be purchased by people that are looking for a small home training boxing bag. It’s mainly designed for smaller people, youth/teenagers and kids. It won’t jar your wrist like heavier bags and it doesn’t require much skill to start with.

Who shouldn’t buy this boxing bag?

In the end, this bag is probably not suitable in a tight/small gym environment. This is mainly because the punching bag will swing around and could become a problem if the bags are placed in close proximity. It’s also not really designed for heavy punches and taller people.