5ft Boxing Bag Review

In this review, we’ll look at the Urban Home Gym Boxing / Punching Bag 5ft by Punch Equipment®.

Design Features

This bag is approximately 150cm tall (not including the chain and swivel).
It weighs around 38kg and it’s a great entry-level bag for kicking or boxing.
The material is Ripstop, which stops the bag from ripping and tearing on the outside.
When purchasing online, this bag comes pre-filled with the chain and swivel.

Who should buy this boxing bag?

This boxing bag is great for Kickboxing and Boxing training either at home or the gym. The extra length allows for more combinations and technique practice compared to a smaller bag. So you use this bag for kicks, knees, elbows, spin moves and more! It’s also a good bag in the gym because it won’t move around much, especially in a small gym.

Who shouldn’t buy this boxing bag?

It’s probably not a great bag for beginners, especially without using wraps. This bag is much heavier and we would recommend the 3ft or 4ft if you’re not experienced with heavy boxing bags.