5ft Boxing Bag Review

In this review, let’s take a look at the Urban Home Gym Boxing / Punching Bag 5ft by Punch Equipment®.

Design Features

This bag is approximately 150cm tall (excluding straps, chain, and swivel).
This bag is machine filled with clean rag fill & weighs around 40kgs and it’s a great, all-round punching bag for pure boxers & kickboxers alike.
The casing material is made from ripstop vinyl, a durable material that stops eventual wear & tear from any potential ripping and tearing.

Our team would state that a 5ft punching bag is the most common boxing bag length found in gyms, a 5ft bag has the perfect balance of weight, length & density for boxing & kickboxing drills.
Its length allows kickboxers & Thai boxers to utilize their entire arsenal, from head kicks to leg kicks & all variations of punches, knees & elbows.
This bag’s pre-filled, heavier weight ( approx. 40kgs ) is fantastic for all levels of boxers & should comfortably handle any strike you can throw at it!

A 5ft punching bag is also suitable for all training environments, such as the garage, home gym, or in any professional training environment such as a Muay Thai gym or fitness centre.
It’s a fantastic training tool to work on as a martial artist & will keep you fit!

Who should buy this boxing bag?

This boxing bag is great for Kickboxing and Boxing training either at home or the gym.
The additional length allows for more variety of striking combinations and techniques available compared to a 3 or 4ft punching bag.
Whether you’re aiming for the best leg kick, spinning kick, flying elbow & more, this bag can handle the offence!
It’s also a good bag option in any gym as it won’t sway nearly as much as a smaller punching bag, a great option for a smaller training area where space is key.

Who shouldn’t buy this boxing bag?

A 5ft boxing bags only missing feature is softness & speed, when striking a 5ft bag, it’s density is firmer, feedback is sharper & sway is minimal.
If you’re looking to incorporate lots of foot movement due to bag swing, you may prefer a 3ft or 4ft boxing bag from Punch Equipment.

If you have any further questions regarding our boxing bags, message us via our chat software!