Product Review – Amateur Competition Boxing Singlet

Here’s a quick review on our Amateur Competition Boxing Singlet by Punch Equipment®.

Singlet Design

Firstly, we’ve got full polyester seam on the front. While on the rear, we’ve got the shoulder blade cut away style boxing singlet for a specific reason.

This is critical for boxing when you’re in your boxing stance that your shoulders are up and the shoulder strap doesn’t fall off.
So a normal singlet doesn’t really cut it for sparring because they’re not designed for competition and combat use.
With the cutaway shoulder blades and the high fitting shoulder sleeve, they won’t fall off your shoulder when you’re in your boxing stance.


Another benefit of this singlet is we’ve designed it for easy scoring during competition. With the sides marked in white, it’s easy for judges to score points during any fight.


This is the polyester high ventilated seam rip singlet from Punch Equipment®.
It has a small logo on the front and back
Can be available in either blue, red and black.