Why Buy a Bag Mitt?

A bag mitt is a boxing glove with no padding around the thumb. The bag mitt is used for training on bags (hence the name) and training on pads. The bag mitt is not designed to be used for sparring (boxing other people) as there is not enough protection for the user or the other person.
The denser/thicker the padding, the more protection over the knuckles. Minimum padding should be 2cm over the knuckle.

Elastic Wrist: For quick on/off routines during partner pad work sessions.
Hook and Loop Wrist: For a firmer fit and greater support of the wrist.
Elastic/Hook and Loop Wrist: For optimum comfort and extra protection for the wrist.
Flatt Mitt: Person has to form a fist to punch (not recommended for serious workouts).
Pre-curved Mitt: The fist is partially formed, so easier for the client to punch.  Generally has higher quality padding and shaping.

How to choose?

How to pick the right bag mitt for you?  

Try them on and when you get one that ‘fits like a glove’ then you have the right one!  The Bag mitt should fit snuggly but not too tight on any part of the hand.  (Bag mitt will ‘give’ a bit after a few uses) and should feel comfortable.  Gloves are like shoes – the more expensive, the less they need wearing in.