Floor to Ceiling Ball for Training

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best floor to ceiling ball for boxing training. Punch® Equipment currently sells floor to ceiling balls along with a range of accessories to complete your purchase.

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How to Train

Learn how to train with the floor to ceiling ball.

Choose by Size

The main decision you need to make when choosing the best floor to ceiling ball is the size of the ball. If you’re just starting out or training for fitness, you’ll need a ball that is easy to continuously hit and compensates for missed punches.

Whereas for professional boxing training or hardcore gym use, a floor to ceiling ball with a smaller target is recommended. With a smaller target, you’ll be able to practice punching accuracy and evasion for fighting in competitions.

Boxing Combinations

A floor to ceiling ball is a useful training aid for practising various boxing combinations. You can train a wide range of techniques such as punching power, footwork, evasion, ducking, self-defence and more.

Punchtex® Ball

The Punchtex floor to ceiling ball is ideal for professional boxing training. It’s a smaller size compared to the urban ball which allows you to practice punching accuracy on a moving target. The bladder inside is also easily replaceable.

In summary, choose the Punchtex® Floor to Ceiling Ball for commercial gym use or challenge yourself with a smaller target.

Best Features

  • Tear drop shape
  • Professional model for boxing
  • Hardcore Gym
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Commercial Grade
  • Smaller size

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Urban Ball

The Urban floor to ceiling ball is more suited for beginners in boxing or home use. It’s designed with quality leather material and will last a long time if it’s looked after. The bladder can be replaced but it’s a bit more difficult compared to the Punchtex ball.

We recommended an anchor for an easy setup in any training environment, such as outside or inside. The Urban leather ball comes in two colour combinations; white/black and red/black.

In conclusion, choose the Urban Leather Ball for beginners and home training.

Best Features

  • Leather ball
  • Lace up bladder
  • Bigger ball for beginners or home use.
  • 12 month warranty

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