Best MMA Gloves Review

In this guide you’ll learn how to choose the best MMA gloves for training, sparring and fighting from Punch® Equipment.

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Choose to Fit

The main choice you need to make when buying MMA gloves is to choose by fit and comfort.

During MMA sparring or fighting, when your grabbling you’ll need a glove that doesn’t slip down your wrist easily. The glove should fit your hand/wrist and should not move.

Look for a glove that is designed with full padding on the outside for full protection of your knuckles. We would recommend an open palm glove design for just fitness training, whereas for other uses, choose a full palm design.

Always buy a MMA glove with a full velcro wrist wrap for extra support of your hand and wrist.

For Bag & Pad Training

Urban MMA Gloves

The Urban MMA Gloves are ideally used for general MMA training and grappling work. They come with an elastic wrist for protection. The glove is designed with soft synthetic material, it won’t last as long as a leather glove but is still a good choice for beginners.

The Urban MMA glove is a great economy glove for MMA beginners.

Best Features

  • Black only
  • Open Palm design
  • Low profile padding
  • Great knuckle padding for bag and pad work

For General Training

If you’re looking for a general-purpose MMA glove, the Debt Collectors® are highly recommended.

People use the Debt Collectors® for fitness training, such as training on a speedball, aerobic exercises and floor to ceiling ball training. The glove is light and you can wrap your hands easily. If you’re not interested in using a bulky boxing glove for training, this glove is an ideal choice. It’s our most popular fingerless glove. In addition, we wouldn’t recommend this glove for sparring or fighting.

In summary, choose the Debt Collectors® for fitness training.

Best Features

  • Cut fingers
  • Stretch full wrap velcro wrist
  • Custom cut padding and shaping


  • Small Size
  • Colours: Lavender, Pink
  • Material: Mya


  • Medium and Large Sizes
  • Colours: Black, Red
  • Material: Leather outer Punchtex inner

For Sparring

Shooto MMA Sparring Glove

The Shooto MMA Sparring Glove is your ultimate glove for sparring training.

This MMA glove comes with extra padding and will protect your knuckles during sparring. It’s also designed with full wrap velcro wrist for extra protection. It also won’t slip down your wrist during sparring.

Choose the Shooto MMA Glove for sparring opponents!

Best Features

  • AAA Rated
  • Padded for Sparring
  • 5cm Padding designed with low profile positioning.
  • Full wrap velcro wrist
  • Punchcool™

For Fighting

If you’re looking for a fighting or competition MMA glove, the Trophy Getters® are your best choice.

This MMA glove is designed in quality cowhide leather. The glove will last many years of fighting and is available in a huge range of sizes. They’re also available in red or black online.

The glove is comfortable and provides the best fit in the Punch® Equipment MMA gloves range.

Best Features

  • AAA Rated
  • Open palm and thumb design
  • Full Wrap Velcro Wrist
  • Gel padded fingers
  • Custom cut shape and fit
  • MATERIAL – Leather
  • Full extra wrap velcro wrist
  • SIZE: S, M, L, XL

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