Buying Muay Thai Pads

Updated: September 2019
In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best Muay Thai pads for training at home, fitness, personal training, professional pad holding or kickboxing. A Muay Thai pad is mainly used for training punches, elbows, kicks and knees. Punch Equipment® currently sells a wide variety of different Thai pads online.

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If you’re training clients every week, you’ll need a pad that is comfortable to wear especially for your elbow, wrist and forearm. Light and fast pads are ideal for training clients if you’re a personal trainer / fitness coach.

Avoid Injury

We don’t recommend buying a cheap pad with a straight block of foam, it will just cause injuries and jarring. Also, never use a focus pad for kickboxing or knees.

Always buy a Thai pad that comes with a control bar at the back as well as quality Hook and Loop straps.

For Home Training

Urban® Muay Thai Kick Boxing Pads

The Urban Kick Pad is a fantastic set of entry-level kickboxing pads as well as a focus pad alternative.

Important Features
  • Super compact design for safe boxing and kicking drills
  • Thai pad style control bars
  • Single, secure Hook and Loop pullback forearm Punchcool straps
  • Meets the fitness industry's pad safety standard for punches, knees & kicks.
  • XL sized focus pad target area with extra-thick, high-density foam padding
  • Engineered for speed drills
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Black Diamond Series

In the Black Diamond Series of Thai Pads, we currently have three options for different types of occasions. With a different price point depending on your needs:

For Personal Trainers / Classes

This pad is ideally designed for people that are training multiple clients at one time, such as a Personal Trainer or a Gym class.

For Fight Instructors

Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Pads

Take heavy hits with the Black Diamond™ Thai Pads! These Thai Pads have been expertly crafted for Muay Thai Combinations.

Important Features
  • Designed in Thailand for Muay Thai training
  • Slightly curved Thai pad
  • Cross Mesh & injected mould padding for superlative pad durability
  • Expertly stitched & hand laced
  • Forearm cradles for premium arm comfort & security
  • Dual Hook and Loop Locking roller back straps
  • Superior Punchtex Casing for Thai pad longevity
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For Advanced Techniques

Black Diamond™ Trainer Thigh Leg Pads

The Black Diamond™ Trainer Thigh Pads are an ideal training aid for variations of kicks to the legs.

Thigh Pads Back and Front
Important Features
  • Designed to take hard power kicks to the front/outer leg
  • Built for professional muay thai pad holders
  • Sold as a pair
  • Designed with premium, shock-absorbing padding & artificial Thailand leather
  • Can be utilised singularly or as a pair
  • Laced inner leg closures
  • Comes with a pullback, waist belt on each leg
  • One size fits all
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Browse the range of Muay Thai pads available online at Punch® Equipment. Find the best Muay Thai pads available online for training, fitness, coaching and more!

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a local store near you, check out the Punch® Store Locator.