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If you’re looking to purchase the best focus pads for training your personal training clients or other training uses, this guide will help you make the correct decision.

Punch Equipment® is Australia’s Premier Focus pad supplier and only sells quality pads that will last for years of training.

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How to choose

When you’re looking for focus pads, there are three main categories to choose from:

1. General Purpose/Fitness Pads
When you’re training mass classes for boxing training, you’ll need a focus pad that’s easy to slip on and off. A general purpose pad should be lightweight but still, protect you from incoming punches. When you slip your hand into the pad, it should fit comfortably and lock-in.

2. Specialist Safety Pads
A specialist safety focus pad is designed to protect you to the maximum degree. A safety pad should be designed with a control bar at the back and shouldn’t slip off during training.

3. Professional Boxing Pads
If you’re training professional boxers or clients that punch hard, you’ll need professional boxing pads. The focus pad should protect your wrist and contain enough cushion in the pad.

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Pro Personal Training Pads

This product was designed over 15 years ago by Punch® Equipment and is specifically for Personal Trainers.

The Pro PTs focus pad has unique features which will help personal trainers train for hours with their clients.

The pad is designed with a larger pad size for training beginners, this allows you to catch their punches instead of them punching you!

With a Punchcool® lining inside, these pads will protect from sweat. The pad also comes with a full Hook and Loop wrist and a wrist stabiliser at the back to allow for shock protection from punches. This pad is light for its size and provides the best wrist support.

This focus pad is our recommended product for Personal Trainers.

Best Features

  • AAA Punch rated
  • Double stitched
  • Safety wrist lock bar, full wrist strap
  • Curved face-forgiving angle
  • Fully padded fingers
  • Huge anti shock stabilisers
  • High density padding
  • Material – 100% Punchtex®
  • Light and fast

Product Review:

Thumpas vs Pro Thumpas

If you’re unsure on the differences between the Thumpas and Pro Thumpas, read on for more information.

Thumpas Focus Pads

The Thumpas Focus Pads are ideal for mass fitness training. They’re easy to slip on and off. Personal Trainers love the Thumpas Focus Pads for training many clients at the same time. They won’t slip off as the pad is designed with a control mount inside.

Best Features:

  • AAA Punch Rated
  • Double Stitched
  • Curved Face – forgiving angle
  • Light and Fast
  • Fast on/off
  • Special palm grip control mound
  • MATERIAL – 100% Punchtex™
  • SIZE: M or L

Pro Thumpas Focus Pads

The Pro Thumpas Focus Pads are ideal for one on one training with a strap in Hook and Loop design. The pad is thicker compared to the Thumpas and will allow you to train for longer. The thicker pad also helps you catch punches from professional boxers or powerful punches.

Best Features:

  • AAA Punch Rated
  • Double Stitched
  • Hook and Loop wrist strap
  • Curved Face – forgiving angle
  • Light and Fast
  • Fast on/off
  • Special palm grip control mound
  • MATERIAL – 100% Punchtex™
  • SIZE: L

Product Review:

Pocket Rocket Focus Pads

The Pocket Rocket Focus Pads are the best focus pads for professional boxing training.

This pad is very light and is designed with a 10cm target in the middle of the pad. This target allows boxers to practice their accuracy on a smaller pad. The Pocket Rocket is also ideal for training speed and evasion. The pad is designed with a Hook and Loop security bar at the back for added support and allows you to train one-on-one for hours.

Ideally the Pocket Rocket Focus Pads should be purchased by boxing coaches and professional personal trainers.

Product Review:

Black Diamond Focus Pads

The last pad in the range of focus pads is the Black Diamond Classics. The Black Diamond is approximately twice the weight of the Pocket Rocket and is ideal for Muay Thai training.

The pad is designed with a control mount inside which will help prevent elbow injuries. It’s designed for catching powerful punches and provides excellent overall protection. The pad size is larger than the Pocket Rocket but still allows for a precision target.

In summary, buy the Black Diamond Focus Pads for training Muay Thai.

Best Features

  • Pre-curved face
  • Gel sweet spot in palm
  • Hook and Loop secured strap – Fits all hand sizes
  • Covered fingers
  • Super large palm ball for grip/control
  • Material: Genuine extra thick leather & Punchcool® Punchtex® finger covers
  • SIZE: Adult

Product Review:

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