How to select the best boxing Focus Pads

If you’re looking to purchase the best focus pads for your training needs, boxer, Muay Thai fighter, enthusiast, or otherwise, this guide created by our expert team will help you make the correct decision.

Punch Equipment® is Australia’s premier boxing /Muay Thai focus pads supplier selling premium models with a variety of features, from the list below, we are highly confident you find the pads you’ve always been looking for.

What to look for!

When you’re looking for focus pads, the below categories should be highly considered when choosing the right focus pads:

  1. Durability
    When training larger groups of clients or running a full-time training centre, you need pads that last!
    Focus pads engineered with premium materials are vital for their longevity & your hip pocket.
    Ensuring your gear carries a AAA Grade label as these items come with a 2 year, extended warranty on manufacturing faults to ensure your focus pads last the test of time!
  2. Protection
    Training students for hours on end can lead to serious fatigue, using equipment which focuses on the protection of the holder & boxer is incredibly important.
    Ensure your pads have an adequate amount of padding; a slight curvature for easy catching & pull back wrist strap.
    These features should dramatically lower the risk of injury.
  3. Comfort
    There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of old pair of uncomfortable boxing gloves, focus pads, or Thai pads.
    If comfort is high on your list, check out our awesome customer reviews on our fantastic range of focus pads to find which product sounds perfect for you!
    Punch Equipment also offers 30 day returns to assure you that your needs are met.

Below is a quick summary of each focus pads best features in our range,
For full information on each, simply click the links!

Punch Equipment Focus Pads

Urban Boxing Focus Pads

Red Urban Focus Pads Punch Online 2

Best Features:

  • Proven, precision sized pad with 1.5 inch thick, high memory padding
  • Gently pre-curved face for easy targeting & smoother catching
  • Lightweight pads, lowering the stress & tension on the pad holder
  • Generous palm control ball for improved pad grip & security
  • Easy on/off, strapless fit with double hand-stitched finger tabs
  • Universal adult hand fit
  • Enduro 35 long-life synthetic leather casings
  • Urban Grade: 6-month recreational warranty, 3-month commercial warranty

Urban Cobra Focus Pads

Target face of the Urban Cobra Boxing Focus Pads

Best Features:

  • Designed for all levels of pad holders, beginners, intermediate trainers & professional coaches
  • Ultra-lightweight for unrestricted pad movement & minimal shoulder fatigue
  • Covered, breathable finger slots for additional hand safety
  • Palm control ball for improved, overall pad grip & control 2-inch deep, high shock absorption padding
  • Medium-sized pads with a pre-curved face for catching punches in the “sweet spot”
  • Strong pullback straps for added pad security
  • Urban Grade: 6-month recreational warranty, 3-month commercial warranty

Pocket Rocket Boxing Focus Pads

Pocket Rockets Focus Pads 2020 2 1
Best Features:

  • Designed for quick, accurate boxing combinations
  • Lightweight focus pad for easy maneuverability
  • Small, precision target requiring serious accuracy!
  • Precision, scallop-shaped focus pads
  • Full Hook and Loop security straps & full leather casing
  • Engineered for boxing trainers & coaches
  • AAA Grade: 2 years, extended manufacturing faults warranty included

Bling Range of Boxing Focus Pads

Womens Focus Pads White Gold Skull 1 V2

Best Features:

  • The BLING Range for Women, designed by a Woman for Women
  • Covered finger lining for additional injury prevention
  • Lightweight focus pad with a pre-curved face to catch punches with ease!
  • Easy on/off
  • Smooth wrist control bar & generous wrist pillow padding
  • Precision palm ball for greater pad control
  • Urban Grade: 6-month recreational warranty, 3-month commercial warranty

Thumpas® Commercial Grade Boxing Focus Pads

Thumpas V30 Focus Pads 1 2

Best Features:

  • Proven in 1000’s of fitness clubs, fight gyms & PT studios
  • Expertly handcrafted with double stitching & hand lacing
  • Superior Punchtex™ casing for unrivaled durability
  • Curved target face to improve catching against unforgiving punches
  • Easy on/off hand fit with pullback straps for additional anti-slip pad security
  • Special palm grip control mound ball for a comfortable fit & secure pad grip
  • AAA Grade: 2 year, extended manufacturing faults warranty included

Pro Thumpas Boxing Focus Pads

Pro Thumpas Boxing Focus Pads

Best Features:

  • Designed for big punches
  • Hand control ball inside for firm gripping
  • Curved face for extra catching control
  • 100% Punchtex casing for moisture wicking
  • Security Hook and Loop lock-in strap for extra pad grip and wrist support
  • 75mm thick padding for extra impact cushioning
  • AAA Grade: 2 year, extended manufacturing faults warranty included

Armadillo™ Safety Boxing Focus Pads

Armadillo Focus Pads Black 3 2020

Best Features:

  • Designed for seriously safe pad holding
  • Safety wrist lock bar & palm control ball
  • Large curved target face for an extra forgiving angle
  • Huge anti-shock wrist stabilizers
  • High-density padding
  • Lightweight pads
  • Superior Punchtex™ casing for unrivaled durability
  • AAA Grade: 2 year, extended manufacturing faults warranty included

Fuerte Elite Micro Focus Pads

Matte black Fuerte Elite Micro Focus Pads

  •  Built for professional boxing coaches & fight trainers
  •  Engineered for lighting fast, precision combinations at long & short ranges
  •  Cuban style boxing pads, designed for accuracy & boxing within short/grappling range
  •  Made with brushed, premium matte black cowhide leather
  •  Double-stitched & open finger slots for ventilation
  •  Easy-grip generously sized palm control ball for greater pad control

Black Diamond Classics Muay Thai Focus Pads

Black Diamond Classics Focus Pads 2020 1

Best Features:

  • Ideal for big hitters & professional Muay Thai pad holders
  • Expertly hand made, double-stitched & built with a stunning pre-curved striking face
  • Gel lined, injected foam padding for superior shock absorption
  • Large palm ball for enhanced grip & greater pad control
  • Thick hook & loop pull-back wrist straps to ensure holding stability
  • Breathable finger covers to prevent moisture build & accidental finger injuries

Fuerte Ultra Air Focus Pads

Front profile of the Fuerte Air Boxing Focus Pads

  •  Built for speed & power boxing!
  •  Impossibly lightweight pad ( Approx. 250grams )
  •  World-class, shock absorption, lowering the risk of joint pain & fatigue for both striker & holder
  •  Air pocket technology provides incredible protection with no loss of feedback for the boxer
  •  Engineered to provide unparalleled comfort to the pad holder
  •  Designed with premium cowhide leather outer casing
  •  Double-stitched & open finger slots for ventilation
  •  Easy-grip, generously sized palm control ball for greater pad control

We hope the above has helped you decide which focus pads in our range suits your training needs!
If you have any questions regarding our range of pads,
Chat to us via our Tawk platform below!