Product Review – Urban Boxing Bag Hanger

If you’re looking for a Boxing Bag Hanger, Punch Equipment® has you sorted with the release of the Urban Boxing Bag Hanger.

Perfect Home Solution

Rental properties present challenges for anyone that’s eager to install a Boxing bag around the home. Most bags will require installation, drilling or modification of your ceiling, some

That’s where the Urban Boxing Bag Hanger comes in!
It’s a simple process of wrapping the hanger around any part of your house and boom, you have a Boxing Bag ready to go.


The great part about the Urban Boxing Bag Hanger is the flexibility it provides. You can wrap it around your garage ceiling, poles / bars or even your patio.

Built for Under 40kg Boxing Bags

The other thing of note with this hanger is that it’s only built for small / medium sized boxing bags. We recommend the maximum weight should be around 40kgs, which is the size of our 5ft bags. It can also support Floor to Ceiling Balls.