Boxing Combos

Learn Advanced Boxing Combos

Best Boxing Combos by Punch Equipment, combos for fitness, beginners, focus mitts and training. Start learning new combos for training or fitness by watching the video tutorials below. Boxing is a fantastic sport for improving your self-defense, cardio, exercise habits and more!


Boxing Wall Bag Workout 3 Punch Combo

Learn how to use the Wall bag for a 3 punch combo.
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Boxing Wall Bag Workout Push Kick Combo

Learn how to use the Wall Bag for push kick combos.


Freestanding Bag for Kickboxing

How to use the Free Standing Bag for kickboxing training.
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Freestanding Punching Bag Workout

Learn the best workout for a Freestanding Punching Bag.
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Belly Pad Combos

Learn the best boxing combos using a belly pad for training kicks, elbows, punches and more.
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PunchFit® 50 Padwork Combinations Book

Buy the 50 Padwork Combinations Book to learn the best boxing and padwork combinations for training or fitness. Illustrated by step by step images in full colour, Fantastic padwork skill and safety tips thoughout the book.

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Boxing Bag & Pad Work DVD

Buy the Boxing Bag & Pad Work DVD to learn Handwrapping skills, correct Padwork technique, best boxing Warmups, Skipping, 8 Basic Punches, Boxing Footwork, Punching Bag Use, Boxing Equipment Selection plus much more!