Boxing Glove and Pad Set

Here’s a quick product review of the Boxing Glove and Pad Set by Punch Equipment®.

Why Choose?

Ideally, this is an entry-level combo boxing set that’s primarily designed for the sports shop market.

  • Designed for boxing fitness training at home with your friends or family
  • Bag mitts & focus pads included
  • Breathable mesh palms and open thumb tabs
  • Stretchy elastic wrist closure & palm pillow for comfortable fist closure
  • Adjustable strap, straight focus pads
  • 4 fantastic bag mitt sizes

Focus Pad

You’ve got a flat focus pad with a velcro security strap at the back. Which fits nicely with any hand size. So it keeps you locked it and the target is a generous size for beginners. It comes with a gold and black tech finish with quality hand lacing. Inside the pad, you’ll find 1.5 centimetres of padding for protecting yourself from incoming blows. Compared to a curved focus pad, a flat pad is simply designed for entry-level trainers.

Bag Glove

This Urban Combo Pack comes with a set of bag mitt/gloves in a few different sizes. This bag mitt is designed for high ventilation and comes with an open thumb design. Over the knuckle, the glove has 3 centimetres of padding. Similarly to the pad, the glove also has a tech finish in black/gold. The mitt is very easy to slip on and provides nice protection while punching the pad. With an easy slip on/off strap, it’s quick to switch between pads/mitts while training.

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We’d recommend this boxing pack for any Personal Trainer that’s starting out in the industry with a few Boxing clients. The gloves and pads are simple to use for any level of Boxing. So your clients can enjoy their Boxing sessions without worrying about hand wrapping, slow changeovers with gloves and smelly gloves

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