Types of Boxing Punches

Upper Cuts

This is a blow that twists from the outside of the body of the boxer across the centre line until the elbow rests underneath the wrist. The knuckles are pointed outwards. When you combine this twist of the wrist and an upward angle with your legs, you get a nice thrust that should impact underneath your opponent’s chin.

Body Rips

These punches start from the outside of the body and are aimed at the mid-section. So they cut in lower into the rib-cage. The elbow always follows the path of the punch closely to your own rib-cage. By doing this and twisting your wrist, the knuckles face the floor and you start to get a great leverage action with your hips and heels following the punch.

Keep your elbows close to your rib-cage. With knuckles down, you get a great twist and we start to get a powerful body blow called the “body rip”.