End of August Sales

Browse the range of sale items currently available for a limited time only!

The Shooto MMA gloves are great for sparring your mates in the ring and come in at a price tag of just under $50!

Keep your boxing gloves clean and free of sweat with our bulk quickwraps. Also, great for training beginners that don’t always want to spend time handwrapping!

Awesome little pack for a Personal trainer just starting out in the industry.

The Wall Bag is a handy piece of equipment for any Commercial gym.

The Pocket Rocket Focus Pads are ideal for pad holders that will be training quick boxing strikers.
This focus pad is built for precision punching.

The ‘Special’ Open Face Head Gear is ideal for light boxing sparring, however can be used for light kickboxing and MMA sparring.
This head gear is designed to keep your head cool & protected, while also giving you optimal vision.