Boxing Gloves vs Bag Gloves

Bag Gloves versus Boxing Gloves

Learn about the differences between bag gloves and boxing gloves below. If you’re wondering which type of glove to choose, we’ll help you make the right decision.


Bag gloves are solely designed for punching bags and boxing pads. Therefore, the glove has less padding compared to a boxing glove. Boxing gloves need more padding as they’re used for training and sparring. Especially for sparring as you don’t want to hurt your opponent as opposed to a boxing fight.

In summary, choose a bag glove for training on a punching bag/boxing pads and a boxing glove for sparring or more serious boxing training.


The size difference between bag gloves and boxing gloves is also another consideration. A bag glove is usually much smaller and lighter. Whereas, a Boxing glove is larger in size, with more padding and space.


Boxing gloves are available in a wide range of different weights and they’re weighed in ounces. Generally, the lowest weight is around 4 oz and 6 oz, this weight would be ideal for kids or small ladies. The weight ranges from 8 oz to 18 oz and the weight you choose is based on your height or weight.

Wrist Wrap

Both bag and boxing gloves should be designed with a full wrist wrap. This helps you avoid serious injuries to the wrist, hand, forearm and fingers. At Punch Equipment®, all our gloves for Boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, are designed with a full wrist wrap for your protection.