Anklets for Training

Learn how to choose the correct anklets for training with Punch Equipment. This article will help you decide which anklet to buy and the differences between each product.

Why should you wear an anklet?

The two main reasons to buy an anklet for training would be to protect from sweat and to provide ankle protection.

  • To provide in-step protection
  • Cotton anklet protects from sweat

By wearing an anklet you will reduce the risk of ankle injuries, especially with the padded anklets. They’re also useful for training when your ankles are gaining sweat. You won’t spray your trainer with sweat or leave a sweat puddle with an anklet.

Choosing by Height

The size of anklet you should choose can be based off your height, as a general guide:

  • Small Size – For smaller people and kids/teenagers, generally this size will fit people above 12 years old.
  • Medium Size – For medium sized people
  • Large Size – For larger sized people
  • Extra Large Size – For very tall people

The main difference?

The main difference between the thai style anklets and the padded anklets is the protection. The thai style anklets are light and designed with elastic cotton. Ideally this anklet is for basic boxing training.

While the padded anklets help you train better and improve kicking accuracy. This anklet should be used for muay thai sparring and training. It provides extra protection for your ankle and more padding compared to the thai style.

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