Boxing Gloves – Types

What are the different types of boxing gloves?
Read our guide below on the different type of gloves and how to buy online.

As a general guide, the main type of boxing gloves includes: bag gloves, training/fitness gloves, personal training gloves, sparring gloves and fighting gloves.

What size/weight should you choose?

At Punch® Equipment, this is a popular question from our customers. The short answer is that it depends on the individual. Such as your height and weight can determine the correct boxing glove weight. Another factor is the type of training you will be doing. So we have developed a simple chart that can be used as a guide when shopping for gloves online.

Men Women
Weight (KG): Bag Work: Sparring: Weight (KG): Bag Work: Sparring:
Under 50kg 8oz 12-16oz Under 45kg 6oz 12-16oz
51-65kg 8-10oz 16oz 45-50kg 8oz 16oz
63-76kg 12oz 16oz 50-60kg 10oz 16oz
74-90kg 12oz 16oz 60-70kg 12oz 16oz
Over 88kg 12oz 16-18oz Over 70kg 12oz 16oz

For Men:

In the 51-65kg range, you can use an 8oz or 10oz for bag work. For sparring, 16oz is the best size.
If you’re in the 63-76kg range, choose a 12oz for bag work and a 16oz for sparring.
The same can be said for the 74-90kg range.
If you’re over 88kg, the major difference is using an 18oz for sparring is recommended.

For Women:

For Women under 45kg, we recommend using a 6oz glove for bag work.
This is a kids glove but it will provide the best hand-fit.
While for sparring, a 12oz, 14oz or 16oz can be used.
In the 45-50kg range, you can hit bags with an 8oz and spar with a 16oz.
The 50-60kg range is pretty similar with just a 10oz for bag work recommended.
While for Women over 60 kg, a 12oz glove is best for bag work and 16oz for sparring.

Bag Gloves

The first type of boxing gloves is a bag glove. Generally, this is the first glove you’ll use before moving onto a sparring or fighting glove. Training on a punching bag will provide a beginner with the technique before hitting someone else. A bag glove should provide enough padding for a punching bag. This helps avoid any injuries in the hand and wrist area.

Pro Bag Busters® Commercial Boxing Mitts
Important Features
  • Developed with the protective knuckle padding of a boxing glove & the weight of a bag mitt
  • Built for the fitness boxing training enthusiasts
  • Designed for focus pads & boxing bag training
  • Made with a high-grade, full elastic wrist wrap for a stretchy, secure & comfortable fit
  • Semi-padded thumb for additional protection
  • AAA Grade: 2 years, extended manufacturing faults warranty included