Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30

In this review, we’ll look at the best reasons to choose the Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30.

Who should use this Focus Pad?

The Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30 are basically designed for all levels of Pad holders, beginners, personal trainers & professional coaches.
These pads are Ultra-lightweight and help reduce unwanted shoulder fatigue from long pad-work sessions. Which also allows you to perform better combinations for longer.
In terms of size, they’re in the middle range of pads so they can be used to train beginners that may miss the pad as well as more experienced fighters that can focus on the middle target.

Safety / Comfort Features

For additional hand safety, we’ve added covered finger slots. Meanwhile, the palm control ball helps improve your grip and control.
The pads also come with high shock absorption padding, which is around 2 inches deep.

Colour Range

The Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30 can be available in gold, red or blue trim with a stylish black on the front/back.

Side and front profile of the gold Urban Cobra Boxing Focus Pads

Cobra Range

Along with the focus pads, we also have Boxing Gloves available to complete your Cobra set!