Full Face Headgear review

In this video, we are going to show you how to fit a full-face headgear from Punch® Equipment. The product we are using is the Trophy Getters® Full Face Head Gear.

Get help from a friend

Now what’s essential is that you must have someone else fit your headgear the first time after you’ve purchased it. Then you get them to sit down on a seat so that you can get above them. So I’m going to ask Nick here just to put this headgear on and Nick’s gonna put it on to his face and try to push it onto his face as high as he can.

Adjust for your head shape/size

So he’ll get it tight and he’ll really hold it in the position where he wants. So the reason I need him sitting down is I want to be able to really comfortably adjust this headgear on top. Once this adjustment is done, we’ll never undo this knot again unless you have to readjust it. But you shouldn’t have to if it’s correctly positioned the first time. So I’ll just do a bow with the double end, now what we end up with now I can pull that in and adjust it here. It’s this adjustment on top that’s critical once that’s done.

In summary:

  • Make sure they’re sitting down
  • Tie the knot at the top
  • Then the headgear can come off and on

We recommend a tighter size

You must buy a headgear that is tight and we’ll explain why. It should leave an impression on your face because, after about 6 weeks of sweating into the headgear, it will change to your head shape/size. So then it will be a perfect fit and shouldn’t need to be adjusted.

Sizing recommenations

Large – Preferred by most Adults
Medium – Teenager/Young Adult
Small – Child

Front of the Trophy Getters Headgear