In this article, we’ll discuss how heavy are boxing gloves and the different weights available for boxing.

How is the weight different in each glove?

If you’re wondering how boxing gloves weight is determined, the padding in the glove is the main factor. A glove with more padding will weight more than a glove with less padding. This is why 16 oz is the most recommended weight for sparring as it provides the best amount of padding for protecting both boxers.

Here is a full list of the available weights at Punch®:

4 oz

The 4 oz is the smallest glove weight we provide at Punch® Equipment. It’s ideal for young boxers in the ages of 8 years and below.

6 oz

A 6 oz boxing glove is designed for kids of around the ages 8 or 12 years. It can also be worn by ladies with very small hands.

8 oz

The 8 oz is next step up from the 6 oz for a teenager and women. It can be used in competition but mainly in amateur boxing fight nights.

10 oz

A 10 oz boxing glove is ideal for young adults and is the most commonly used weight for competition. It’s also the best weight for improving your boxing technique on a punching bag or focus pads. It wouldn’t be a great glove for sparring as the padding is smaller around the glove.

12 oz

The 12 oz would be one of the most popular weights for a male boxer as a starting weight for boxing. It’s used for training, fitness, bag work and fighting. It would be an ideal weight for beginner sparring and as an all-round boxing glove.

14 oz

A 14 oz glove is a good starting place for moving into the heavier weights. It’s ideally the best glove weight for an all-rounder glove. An all-rounder glove can be used for training, sparring and punching bags.

16 oz

The 16 oz is generally the best weight for sparring. It also provides a decent muscle development workout. This weight can be used for punching bags. We would recommend the 16 oz size for any person over 65 kg.

18 oz

A 18 oz glove is our heaviest glove and we would recommend this weight for very tall boxers and sparring. It will provide the best muscle development with the heavier weight.