Home Training Guide

If you’re looking for home training boxing equipment, this guide will provide our tips on the products you’ll need.

Bag Stand

A boxing bag stand is a useful home training piece of equipment for punching bag training.


Shorts – If you’re a Muay Thai fighter, we recommend Muay Thai shorts for training.
Shoes – If you’re sparring or a boxer, a pair of boxing shoes will take your training to another level. Boxing shoes are much lighter then regular training shoes and allow you to improve agility and footwork.
T-Shirt – a normal training t-shirt is fine for boxing training at home, we recommend a singlet if you’re training in a humid climate.


Choosing the right glove depends on what kind of training you’ll be focusing on at home. If you’re hitting a punching bag, you’ll need a bag glove. Whereas you’ll need a proper boxing glove for hitting boxing pads or a shield. The glove you choose also depends on your weight and height.

The stronger you are, the heavier glove you’ll need to train with for building muscle mass. While, kids and small ladies will only a smaller boxing glove or they can train with a mma/fingerless mitt.

Hand Wraps

If you’re not confident or short on time, Punch Equipment has developed a “quick wrap” which is a slip on hand wrap. A quick wrap is perfect for beginners as you don’t need to know how to hand wrap.

Hand wraps, cotton inners and quick wraps should be used with all boxing gloves as they help protect the glove from sweat over time. The glove will also last longer with the use of wraps or inners.

Head Gear

If you’re sparring at home you’ll need a comfortable and quality boxing headgear to avoid injuries. The head gear you choose depends on your head size and training area. If you’re training in a hot climate, you’ll need an open-face headgear to keep your head cool. Whereas colder climates will require a full-face headgear for training.

Punching Bag

In terms of punching bags you can choose either a small boxing bag or a freestanding punching bag. Which type of bag you choose depends on the size of your home training area.

The benefit of a free standing bag is the ability to place a boxing training anywhere in your home, backyard or garage.


Punch Equipment has designed a kick shield specifically for home gyms and training. A kick shield is great for improving kickboxing skills and strength.

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We also sell a man shield that can be used as your kick/punching/grappling training equipment. A man shield is mainly used by ladies and kids for training all different types of boxing techniques.

Speed Ball

A speed ball along with a platform is ideal for training at home. A speed ball training your quickness and strength.