Kick Shields Review

Learn how to choose a kick shield from Punch Equipment®. We look at the four main types of kick shields available online and the reasons to choose each shield.

For Home Training / Kids

The Urban Kick Shield is a mid-price point kick shield for training light kicks. We would recommend this product for home training and beginners in Kickboxing/Muay Thai.

For Personal Training

The Group X® AAA Kick Shield is ideal for Martial Arts, MMA, Karate and Muay Thai training. This kick shield will last years of training and is recommended for training clients under 80kg.

For Muay Thai

The Black Diamond™ Kick Shield is ideal for training heavy kicks and contains an anti-cork barrier. It’s designed with our quality, ripstop material and will last years of training.

For MMA Training

The man shield is a combination of the round shield, kick shield and focus pad, all in the one product. Use the man shield for training your clients new punching and kickboxing techniques. The punching shield by Punch Equipment is a superb mass class fitness and mixed / martial arts training aid.