Kickboxing Thai Pads Review

If you’re looking for quality Kickboxing Thai Pads, watch a video review above of the Urban “Softy” Thai Pads. Below is the product video review transcript.

Video Transcript

Here’s a review on the Punchfit approved Urban “Softy” Thai Pads. These are a new release for 2018 and they are quite unique. We did make a model before this in early 2017 and we thought it was soft. But people actually said it needs to be softer so here it is. It’s basically a full Punchtex casing with closed hand stitching. The pad is 360mm from end to end as opposed to a normal thai pad which is around 400 long. We wouldn’t recommend these for Thai boxing, they’re designed for kick pad work for children, women, personal training and classes.

I’ll show you how soft it is, here’s my fingers and you can see I can just push straight in and then the high memory foam just pops straight out. So it’s extremely soft and very forgiving for people who have got sensitive shins. So obviously ideal for kids, women, personal training or group class situations. It comes with a control bar with a double rivet and a full overlap back locking wrist position. They’re very small and they’re so light that even kids could use them but there’s a thing about making light thai pads.

First of all, when you usually make a light thai pad, people will put light foam in here and the trouble is when you kick it, the shock goes straight through and they’re very nasty to use. However, these pads by Punch Equipment are designed in high-density foam filled and layered with an EVA backing. So what happens here is that they’re nice to kick and you don’t get a lot of shock out of them like a normal cheap thai pad.

So these kick pads from Punch Equipment are in the Urban series and they’re called the soft Urban Softy Thai Pads. We would recommend them if you’ve got very sensitive clients who complain about shin pain from making an impact with normal thai pads. They are Punchfit approved which means that for our international accreditation courses, we do use these for kick pad courses as well.

Durability wise the casings are bulletproof. The foam inside is a high-density foam but it will not last as long as obviously our fiber mesh thai pads. But having said that, if you use it for its intended use (kids and ladies) you can’t go past a pair of Urban “Softy” Thai Pads.

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