Mexican Fuerte Gel Knuckle Protectors

Are you looking for a Knuckle Wraps solution while Boxing? Then check out the Mexican Fuerte Gel Knuckle Protectors by Punch Equipment®. The video above will detail the best features of the gel knuckle guards and provides a close up of the product.

How to Protect Knuckles When Boxing

There’s nothing worse than knuckle pain, especially in a sport like Boxing. Your hands and knuckles are essential for your performance so they must be fully protected. That’s where the Mexican Fuerte Gel Knuckle Protectors come in. They’re super lightweight and can be easily slipped over your knuckles under hand wraps.

With 10 millimetres of quality padding, these knuckle guards are great for anyone that wants to protect their knuckles or has suffered knuckle injuries before. So if you’re training, sparring or fighting, choose the Mexican Knuckle Guards by Punch!

Best Features

Designed for significant injury prevention
Sold in pairs
One size fits most
Built for all levels of boxers
Almost weightless
10mm pure gel block
Breathable cotton/elastic exterior for breathability
Easy to slip on & wrap over