Boxing Club Tasmania

Latrobe Boxing Club in Tasmania teaches boxing technique and skills to all ages using Punch Equipment boxing gloves and equipment.

Learn the techniques of boxing & keep fit with expert coaching from Craig Woods & Steve Hardy. Any age or skill level is welcome at Latrobe Boxing Club. Both women and men also train at Latrobe.

The Latrobe Boxing Club train four times a week at night with Craig and generally 15-20 boxers attend for training.

2012 Olympics

When the Latrobe Boxing Club was formed in 2006, having a boxing representative attend the Olympics was the furthest thing from the coaches’ minds.

In 2012, that became a reality when Jackson Woods made the Australian team to compete at the games in Beijing.

How to Find Latrobe Boxing Club

Latrobe is located near Devonport in Northern Tasmania. It’s a 3 hour drive from Hobart.
Address: Moriarty Rd, Latrobe, Tasmania 7307

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