Muay Thai Gloves

In general, a Muay Thai glove should consist of features that will protect the user in Muay Thai training and sparring. This can include padding, durability, weight and size. If you’re a Muay Thai fighter or looking to get into Thai competition, it also makes sense to use a Muay Thai glove in training so you can improve your fighting skills.

Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Our best choice for Muay Thai training and sparring is the Black Diamond. People love the comfortability of this glove and its Muay Thai specific features. It provides excellent wrist protection/padding so you can easily defend incoming blows and strike back even harder!

Important Features
  • The Boxing Glove for Muay Thai!
  • Developed for Muay Thai specialists
  • Purposely designed for Muay Thai sparring protection
  • Lined with 'Punchcool' linings for sweat resistance & heavy satin for an incredibly comfortable hand fit
  • Added dual roller wrist bars & added palm pillowing to lower the risk of injury when striking & blocking strikes
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Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves

Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves
Important Features
  • Punch Equipment's flagship boxing gloves for the past 20+ years!
  • Commercial grade Leather boxing gloves with reinforced Punchtex palms
  • The perfect all-rounder, true-weight glove
  • Developed for all elements of boxing training, bag work, pad/mitts & sparring
  • Built for comfort, durability, and protection
  • 3 tonne, injected mould padding for phenomenal hand protection
  • AAA Grade: 2 years extended, manufacturing warranty included*
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Limited Edition Black Diamond Special Boxing Gloves V30

Black Diamond™ Special Thai Boxing Gloves
Important Features
  • Developed with unique, highly protective features for the serious Muay Thai boxers
  • Designed with V-Carpal wrist protection built into each wrist join for 'roll back' resistance
  • Premium cowhide leather outer casing
  • Breathable mesh palms for improved ventilation & drying
  • Punchtex™ reinforced palms & wrist sections for greater sweat resistance
  • Deluxe palm pillow swells
  • Streamlined, thick, full wrap wrist closure
  • Authentic Thai style gloves with a broader, shorter head for better defensive glove positioning
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Thai Shorts

There are two main reasons for using Thai Shorts. Firstly, a Thai Short allows for maximum air flow so the sweat can clear quickly, especially if you’re training in a hot and humid environment. The other major benefit of a Muay Thai Short is to expose the leg so you easily throw kicks during training.

Contender Muay Thai Training Shorts

The Contender Thai Shorts come with a stylish black/white decal and can be available in a wide range of sizes.

Contender Shorts 1 2020
Important Features
  • Engineered for Muay Thai & Kickboxing
  • High-quality satin
  • Snug waistband fit with an adjustable drawstring
  • External stretch mesh leg slits to assist with material flexibility to ensure minimal restriction
  • Modern Muay Thai cut
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Retro Muay Thai Training Shorts
Important Features
  • Engineered for Muay Thai & kickboxing
  • High-quality satin material
  • Wide leg openings for breathability
  • Stretch waistband with an adjustable lace drawstring
  • Wide leg, slim Muay Thai cut for complete freedom when kicking
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Thai Pads

A Muay Thai pad is primarily designed for training Kick techniques, making them a great piece of equipment for Kickboxing. Our Thai Pads are designed for beginners and pro fighters, so the thai pad that you choose will depend on what type of client you’re training.

Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Pads
Important Features
  • Designed in Thailand for Muay Thai training
  • Built for professional pad holders
  • Cross mesh. injected mould padding for superlative pad durability
  • Expertly stitched and hand laced
  • Premium forearm cradles for arm comfort & pad security
  • Dual, hook and loop, locking roller back forearm straps
  • Superior Punchtex™ casings for Thai pad longevity
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Shin Guards

Protect your Shins during Muay Thai training/sparring with our quality Shin Guards!

Precision Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Shin Guards / Pads
Important Features
  • Engineered for the elite!
  • Purpose-built for Kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA sparring
  • Dual, pull back hook & loop straps
  • Authentic Thailand shin guard design
  • Super durable Punchtex™ synthetic leather casing
  • Plush Punchcool™ sweat-resistant inner linings
  • Extra tough Armadillo™ injected padding around the shin, sides and foot for added protection
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Punch Muay Thai Shin Guards / Pads
Important Features
  • Ideal for Kickboxing drills & sparring
  • Traditional Muay Thai shin pad design
  • Dual, rear legs straps with rear ankle & foot elastic straps
  • Designed for beginner & intermediate students
  • Lightweight build with anti-slip shaping
  • Solid padding protection from underneath just underneath the kneecap to your toes
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Thai Anklets

Thai Style Anklets are ideal for Muay Thai/Boxing training as they’re developed to assist in stabilising the ankle joint.

These anklets can also be used to cover the shin for those with sore shins or to prevent further injury.

The Thai Style Anklet will also assist in the prevention of slipping over during your training.

Punch Muay Thai Tattoo Anklets
Black Tattoo Anklets 1 2020
Important Features
  • Designed to assist the joint stability of the ankle during martial arts training
  • Comfortable stretch elastic cotton to assist in joint stability of the ankle during training/workouts
  • Easy on/off
  • 3 awesome colours & sizes with tattoo signature decals
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Groin Guards

A groin guard is a great piece of equipment for protection during Muay Thai training. Any injury to groin area can cause significant damage and that’s where the a quality groin guard will save you!

Black Diamond™ Steel Muay Thai Groin Guard V30
bd steel groin guard 3 2021
Important Features
  • Designed for superior protection against accidental groin strikes
  • Engineered to ensure minimal interference when sparring
  • Carbon fibre, mya coated steel cup for premium shock absorption
  • 2 cup sizes
  • Adjustable pull back, hook & loop closure for easy waist size adjustment
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If you’re looking for head protection during Muay Thai sparring, Punch Equipment has you sorted with a range of quality Headgear for your protection. When it comes to head protection, its something that can’t be taken lightly. Strikes to the head over time can cause plenty of long-term damage. While a headgear won’t 100% stop all damage, it’s definitely better than using nothing at all. In terms of Muay Thai, a headgear can help you train such skills as elbow strikes and wearing a head guard won’t injure your sparring opponent.

Trophy Getters® Full Face Boxing Headgear
Important Features
  • Tested on humans® for over 10 years!
  • Designed to protect the user from cuts & bruising during sparring
  • Engineered with a fully sewn-in chin piece to cover all vital areas of the head
  • Built with Punchcool® sweat-wicking panels inside to lower risk of headgear slip
  • High visibility, Gel cheek padding to keep protection high & vision loss low
  • Lace-up top & rear, hook & loop panel sections for an optimal head fit
  • Extra thick eardrum protectors with horizontal strapping for eardrum injury prevention
  • AAA Grade product = 2 years, extended manufacturing faults warranty included
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Urban Nose/Jaw Face Protector Boxing Headgear
Important Features
  • Designed to protect the student's nose & jaw
  • Premium face-saver bar protection
  • Lace top, Hook and Loop Back & Hook and Loop Chin Adjustable Sections
  • Built for boxing sparring
  • Made from Enduro material
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Belly Pads

The Belly Pad is designed to absorb punches, kicks and knees in Muay Thai specific training. So it’s a key piece of equipment if you’re training heavy hitters.

Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Belly Pad
Important Features
  • Sleek Black Diamond design
  • High chest and abdominal protection
  • Twin Hook and Loop straps for greater belly pad stability
  • Added 'rips' target cushioning for added protection and accuracy
  • Custom cut for optimal body movement
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Focus Pads

A focus pad is generally a smaller and precision pad aimed at mainly training accuracy and speed.

Black Diamond Classics Muay Thai Boxing Focus Pads
Important Features
  • Tried & tested product for over 10 years!
  • Ideal for big hitters & professional Muay Thai pad holders
  • Expertly hand made, double-stitched & built with a stunning pre-curved striking face
  • Gel lined, injected foam padding for superior shock absorption
  • Large palm ball for enhanced grip & greater pad control
  • Thick hook & loop pull-back wrist straps to ensure holding stability
  • Breathable finger covers to prevent moisture build & accidental finger injuries
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