Muay Thai Gloves

In general, a Muay Thai glove should consist of features that will protect the user in Muay Thai training and sparring. This can include padding, durability, weight and size. If you’re a Muay Thai fighter or looking to get into Thai competition, it also makes sense to use a Muay Thai glove in training so you can improve your fighting skills.

Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Our best choice for Muay Thai training and sparring is the Black Diamond. People love the comfortability of this glove and its Muay Thai specific features. It provides excellent wrist protection/padding so you can easily defend incoming blows and strike back even harder!

Important Features
  • The Boxing Glove for Muay Thai!
  • Developed for Muay Thai specialists
  • Purposely designed for Muay Thai sparring protection
  • Lined with 'Punchcool' linings for sweat resistance & heavy satin for an incredibly comfortable hand fit
  • Added dual roller wrist bars & added palm pillowing to lower the risk of injury when striking & blocking strikes