Muay Thai Gloves online

The following Muay Thai Gloves review will look at our two Muay Thai specific gloves available online.

Black Diamond™ Boxing Gloves

The Black Diamond Muay Thai Gloves are specially designed for Muay Thai training and have a range of features to take your training to another level.

Defend yourself from incoming strikes with the double roll bar wrist padding and deluxe pillow palms. With extra padding on the wrist, you can take elbow, knee and shin strikes easily when defending and avoid injuries.

Sizing: 12oz, 16oz

Black Diamond Special Boxing Gloves V30
Important Features
  • Developed with unique, highly protective features for the serious muay thai boxers
  • Designed with V-Carpal wrist protection built into each wrist join for 'roll back' resistance
  • Fully Cowhide leather outer casing, ventilated mesh & Punchtex reinforced palm for greater sweat resistance
  • Deluxe palm pillow swells
  • Streamlined, thick, full wrap wrist closure
  • Authentic Thai style broader, shorter glove head for better defensive glove positioning
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