Online PT Course Australia by Punchfit

Read more about the NEW online PT course developed by Punchfit Australia. The aim of this course is to provide trainers with safe knowledge of pad-holding techniques. This course will help 1000s of trainers teach safe boxing techniques for their clients and help retain clients as well.

What you’ll learn:

In this short course, you’ll learn a number of safe pad-holding techniques including the following:

SAFE client control – Learn how to control your clients
SAFE protective requirement – Learn about protective equipment for boxing and the requirements for safe boxing teaching.
SAFE pad work position – Learn how to correctly hold pads to reduce the chance of injury.
SAFE technique application to equipment
SAFE position of pad holding
SAFE control of powerful clients – Learn how to correctly teach boxing to larger clients.
SAFE precautions for evasion drills – Learn how to teach evasion and avoid injury.
SAFE technique correction – Learn how to safely correct a clients technique if they’re having difficulty keeping up with your session.
SAFE training of minors – Learn how to treat minors during personal training sessions.
SAFE alternatives for minor pad work – Teaching pad-work to kids and children.
SAFE placement of equipment – Learn about the dangers of incorrect placement of equipment on the ground or around the training area.
SAFE floor space requirements – Learn about the correct floor space requirements when training mass-classes.
SAFE hygiene practice – Learn correct hygiene practices.
SAFE warm-up requirements – Learn how to correctly warm-up to reduce injury and worn out clients.
SAFE management of workloads – Learn how to manage a clients workload so they’re training effectively.
SAFE incorporation of strength & conditioning – Learn how to teach strength and conditioning techniques to clients.
SAFE equipment evaluation – Learn how to check clients’ equipment and find any faults.
SAFE pad work combinations – Learn how to teach safe pad work combinations.

Course Requirements

  • Taking this course assumes you’re already taking pad-holding sessions for clients and you’re looking to learn more about safe pad-work concepts. Ideally, you would know how to wrap a clients’ hands before the session, teach the 8 basic punches, provide a warm-up and warm-down and teach the basics of footwork/evasion
  • In the case that you don’t have any prior learning in pad-holding, we recommend taking the Punchfit Level 1 course prior to booking the online course. This will not only help you understand the basics of pad-holding for clients, but it will ultimately help you quickly pass the online course.
  • To pass the online PT course, a 100% pass rate is required to receive your certification. If you do happen to fail, the course can be re-taken at no extra charge until it’s passed.
  • The online PT course certification expires after 2 years and we charge a small fee for the certificate renewal.

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Visit Punchfit today and book the online PT course! You won’t be disappointed and for the sale price of $99.99, there’s really nothing online that competes with this price for a boxing pad-holding course.
Online PT Course