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Punchfit® Global was established in 1989 and caters to both the fitness industry and the fight industry, as well as the general public as our courses have NO pre-requisites.

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Learn SAFE Boxing techniques from the comfort of your own home!

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Learn essential Boxing skills from your own home!

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Online Course Reviews

The explanation is easy to learn, so I can teach to my clients properly.

Eny Septhyano

Easy to understand & I like the way the tutor teaches.

Hiero Sogalrey

I have some boxing experience however I learnt alot more throughout this course, great content!

Shelley Birch

I loved this course very informative, easy to follow and didn’t take to long to complete.

Reanna Pappagallo

Was a great way to learn some techniques, course was really well set out which made it easy to read and take in.

Anna Morant

Very in depth and so much covered about pad holding, this is the perfect course for many trainers as you see most of them are very bad at holding pads, this course breaks down everything.

Matt Natad

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