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Browse the range of hand wraps online, cotton inners and strapping tape available from Punch Equipment. Great deals available for Personal Trainers!

Urban Cotton Inners 1pair

$5.99 (RRP)

Urban Stretch Hand Wraps – 4 Metres

$12.99 (RRP)

Urban Quickwraps

$14.99 (RRP)

5 Metre Urban Handwraps

$16.99 (RRP)

Urban Gel Quickwraps™

$29.99 (RRP)

12 pair pack of Cotton inners

$59.99 (RRP)

Punch® Strapping Tape – TUBE (8 Rolls)

$69.99 (RRP)
Rated 5.00 out of 5


Stretch Handwraps Bulk pack of 10 pairs

$99.99 (RRP)

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