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Why Choose Mexican Boxing Equipment?

The Mexican ‘Fuerte’ inspired range of boxing products from Punch Equipment are built for the boxing connoisseur, from stunning, comfortable boxing gloves to world-class headgear & more.

The ‘Fuerte’ range has been carefully developed to work alongside your growth to greatness.

From the Ultra & Elite, Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Boxing Gloves provide 2 opposing & unique styles of boxing gloves, both made with an exceptional quality & features.

Our Ultra Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Boxing Headgear provides supreme comfort, vision and protection built with world-class, lightweight materials.

To the Mexican ‘Fuerte’ 5m Boxing Wraps provide extra stability & stretch to give experienced boxers the added support they’ve been looking for.

If you’re looking for premium, Mexican inspired boxing equipment, purpose-built for professionals, you’ve come to the right place!