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Urban Free Standing Rebound Boxing Bag

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  • Interactive, fun, rebound boxing workout station!
  • Ideal for indoor, smaller spaces such as apartments or the garage
  • Gentle rebound action from the heavy-duty spring
  • Water or sand filled base
  • 170cm high x 35cm thick
  • Generous foam-based padding for striking comfort
  • Only available in Australia

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Why choose Urban Free Standing Boxing Bag?

The Urban Free Standing Boxing Bag is an ideal boxing bag for domestic use when fixing a bag to your wall isn’t an option.

This Free Standing Bag is ideal for average sized males, youth and female training indoors or outdoors. The benefit of a free standing bag is you can place this bag anywhere with room!

If you live an apartment building that doesn’t allow fixing a boxing bag to your wall, the free standing urban bag is for you.

Punching the bag provides a realistic gentle rebound action which can bend over 30 degrees from vertical.

The size of this bag is 170cm high by 35cm wide and the base needs to be filled with water. Please don’t drag the bag along as it’s quite heavy with water in the base and you’ll need to either flush the water out or use a trolley for moving.

The bag is ideal for average sized males, youth and female training indoors or outdoors. The benefit of a free standing bag is you can place this bag anywhere with room!

If you live an apartment building that doesn’t allow fixing a boxing bag to your wall, the free standing urban bag is for you.

Punching the bag provides a gentle rebound action and it can bend 30 degrees vertical.

The size is 170cm high by 35cm wide and the base needs to be filled with water. Please don’t drag the bag as it’s quite heavy with water in the base and you’ll need to either flush the water out or use a trolley for moving.

Looking for other boxing bags or speed balls? Browse the range at Punch®. We have a wide range of punching bags available or check out some of our retail shops near you.

Weight: 17kg (Approx)

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Best Seller

This product is much loved by our customers!

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  • Only use stretchy rubber-type materials to fix a boxing bag to the floor with the tie-down anchor feature.
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  • Boxing bags hung with twisted straps/chain is negligent of assembly and may void your warranty.
  • Beating punching bags with weapons, striking with bare knuckles or shoes may puncture/damage bags which is not covered under warranty.
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  • Avoid hanging boxing bags near (within 1.5 meters) walls/mirrors and other gym equipment.
  • Wipe your boxing bags down with disinfectant diluted in warm water once per week for hygienic maintenance.
  • Spray/lubricate "D" rings, chains, and places where moving metal parts touch once per week where required.
  • Inspect weekly for wear and tear in strap rings, swivels and chains; failure to do so can result in your boxing bag failing suddenly.
  • Only use boxing boots on a soft flooring training area or boxing ring.
  • Boxing Boots are designed for boxing training only and should be not be used for other casual wear or other activities.
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9 reviews for Urban Free Standing Rebound Boxing Bag

  1. Nicholas Brownlee

    This bag has got me through stage 4 lockdown. Best purchase ever.

    Pros: Easily stored and moved to workout area. Easily assembled.

    Cons: Nothing.

    Best used for: Boxing workouts.

  2. hellesque

    I looked up every free-standing boxing bag available in Australia and after a lot of research I decided on this one and I am very impressed with my purchase. Easy to assemble, works well for my 6’1 height and it’s not super noise which is great cause I’m in an apartment. I’m glad I spend the extra $ and received a decent good quality product. Bonus quick delivery in the middle of a pandemic! Thanks guys.

  3. Michael

    Bought this today, the base is so sturdy and doesn’t move at all. A lot of spring action so for a boxer like me it encourages me to slip after punching. Feels great quality. Highly recommend. Big user of Punch equipment.

    Pros: Solid base that doesn’t move. Super spring that forces you to learn to slip. Easy to set up.

    Cons: None to mention.

    Best used for: Great for boxing but can see other uses for other styles.

  4. Bridget

    Good quality, perfect for at home workouts.

    Pros: - Great customer service from Punch - Shipped quickly - Easy to set up - Very Solid base - Good way to work at home without drilling holes in the roof or buying expensive stands to support

    Cons: - Takes a little while to get use to the movement (it moves around a lot) but is fun once you get the hang of it

    Best used for: At home - cardio and technique work.

  5. Paul

    All in all a great bag however, a little disappoint with the spring durability. I am now on my second spring having bought the bag in Nov 2018 and this spring has just gone. I only use it for punching fitness so maybe I am a little bit too heavy for the bag and it is really only good for youth and female use. Springs are not cheap to replace.

    Pros: Compact and easy to setup. Doesn't move around too much if placed on a mat.

    Cons: Spring durability

    Best used for: Female and youth workouts.

  6. Bozidar Uzelac

    Highly recommend!

    Pros: Great product for cardio exercise and for improving your punching technique.

    Cons: None.

    Best used for: Exercise, improving punching technique.

  7. willeaves123

    great product, i use it very often and it is still in very good condition, it is good for its price and very reliable.

  8. sallysherriff

    I am so in love with this bag! Been contemplating getting a freestanding bag for ages now and decided after much research that this was my choice and I have zero regrets. Best money ever spent. So much fun that you don’t even realise you’re working out and the assembly was incredibly easy. All the videos on the site are so useful too. I’m a new devoted ‘Punch’ customer!! Thanks for the quality workmanship guys. 10 out of 10.

  9. Matt

    My kids love punching this bag! Highly recommend!

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