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Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Boxing Gloves

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  • The original, specialist turned in, Mexican thumb position for a really ‘SNUG' fist in comparison to the Ultra
  • Authentic, state of the art 'Mexican glove' shaping, instantly noticeable by those who can truly tell the difference
  • Perfectly balanced boxing gloves for more effective punches & detectable striking feedback
  • True-to-weight guaranteed, hand cut latex & injected mould combination padding
  • Trindle/Tafitta wicking linings & white contrast stitching
  • Premium grade, extra thick cowhide leather casings with tab attached thumbs
  • A stunning Mexican styled boxing glove for sparring!
  • Thick, full wrap, hook & loop wrist closure for a wrist security

AU$199.99 (RRP)

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  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow
  • 12oz
  • 16oz
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Easy Returns Online
Easy Returns Online
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure Online Payments
Secure Online Payments

Why choose the Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Boxing Gloves?

The Mexican Fuerte™ Elite ‘snug' fit is back!
The original, authentic Mexican designed glove has been further upgraded for the 30th-anniversary range
The Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Boxing Gloves are back for the lover of making as tighter fist as possible when striking.
These beautifully hand-crafted boxing gloves are primarily designed for sparring.
If you're looking for a hard-hitting fist position, premium sparring glove, this boxing glove is for you.

What do I use for bag & focus pad training?

The Mexican Fuerte™ range of equipment includes professional leather bag mitts for extended bag and pad work sessions to ensure your sparring gloves have the longest life span.

Ultra VS Elite

It's all in the feeling!

The Ultra boxing gloves have the most luxurious, soft, & relaxed hand-fit/thumb in the Punch Equipment range.
These stunning gloves are also made with the highest grade cowhide leather available to aid in maki the most effortless fist possible.

The Elite boxing gloves are closer to a traditionally shaped Mexican Boxing glove which houses a streamlined, firmer hand-fit & SNUG fist shaping making this glove feel impressively compact with its specialist deeply turned in-thumb as an added glove feature.

What should I wear under my gloves?

While cotton inners should be the bare minimum underneath your boxing gloves to increase the lifespan of your gloves,
We recommend grabbing a pair of Mexican 5m hand wraps to minimise the sweat getting into your gloves provide protection/stability over your knuckles, joints & palm.

AAA Punch® Equipment
AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Attached thumbs
Attached thumbs

Gloves are designed with attached thumbs for extra safety.

For Sparring
For Sparring

Can be used for sparring opponents.

Hook and Loop Wrist
Hook and Loop Wrist

These gloves are designed with a full hook and loop closure for your protection.

Precision Mexican Boxing series
Precision Mexican Boxing series

NEW to Punch® in 2017.

True to Weight
True to Weight

Product is made to be at least the stated weight & true. International length of glove.

Tested on Humans®
Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch Equipment®, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.

Boxing Gloves Size Chart

Use this as a general guide if you're unsure of what size/weight to buy. The heavier the glove, the harder the workout. However you will receive better protection from the increased glove sizes and increased muscular development.

Weight (KG):Bag Work:Sparring:Weight (KG):Bag Work:Sparring:Ages:Glove Weight:
Under 50kg8oz12-16ozUnder 45kg6oz12-16oz4 - 9 years4oz
51-65kg8-10oz16oz45-50kg8oz16oz6 - 10 years6oz
63-76kg12oz16oz50-60kg10oz16oz9 + years8oz
Over 88kg12oz16-18ozOver 70kg12oz16oz
Image Boxing Gloves Size Chart

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Shipping Costs:

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Shipping Couriers:

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Punch Equipment will dispatch all orders within 3 business days from purchase. (Excluding Public Holidays).

Tracking Information:

Upon the dispatch of your order, you will receive an invoice with Tracking Information via the email address attached to your order. (Don’t forget to check your Junk/Spam Mail!)


Delivery times will be between approx. 9am – 5pm Weekdays.

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The responsibility of delivery service is upon the couriers.

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Australia Post: 13 POST (13 76 78) – www.auspost.com.au

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Please feel free to also email us in regards to your delivery experience.

Punch Equipment is not liable for any loss that may occur as a result of such delays.

For any further details or questions on any of the above, please contact us.

Product Care Tips

  • Do not use gear wet - this is abuse.
  • Dry your gear out of your training bag in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
  • Use minimal baby powder to assist with removing odours.
  • Always use cotton inners or wraps to prevent excessive sweat ruining the stitching/materials in products, sweat/rot damage is not warrantable.
  • Ensure you have enough training gear to always use a dry set, especially in a commercial environment as over using an insufficient amount of equipment is abuse & will void your warranty.
  • Do not do push-ups in boxing gloves unless they have "push up zone" printed on them.
  • If the product is marked "washable", hand wash separately in cold water, do not tumble dry & avoid washing more than 4 times per year.
  • Do not over inflate bladders, especially in hot conditions.
  • Inflate until ball feels firm (not rock-hard) allowing your thumbs to push into the material approx 1.5cm.
  • Changes in temperature will require regular "topping up" of the air in inflated bladders.
  • Lick or lubricate needle before inserting into bladders while ensuring not to puncture bladders with the needle.
  • Ensure floor to ceiling ball straps are not set too tight, the ball should have a minimum of 30cm of movement in any direction, any less will damage the ball/straps.
  • Ball straps are perishable, high wear and tear items and are excluded from warranty.
  • Set your floor to ceiling ball to the approx. height of your chest for optimal training results.
  • The fitting of non-Punch Equipment accessories to your ball will void your warranty.
  • All speed-balls and floor to ceiling balls require weekly inflation & maintenance.
  • Never strike a speedball/floor to ceiling ball with bare knuckles.
Boxing Bags
  • Punch Equipment recommends your boxing bag is installed by a qualified tradesman to check the suitability of your installation as brackets or bag attachments can take a considerable amount of force with general boxing bag use.
  • Please review this installation video to increase the durability of your bag chains: https://youtu.be/AtpZWNTzPyw
  • If you change the fittings/filling or adjust the strap/chain lengths you will void your warranty.
  • Metal on metal sheering of replaceable eye-bolts, chains, swivels & hooks is not covered under warranty.
  • Only use stretchy, surgical spear gun rubber to fix a boxing bag to the floor with the tie down anchor feature.
  • Avoid D ring & figure 8 ring wear on boxing bags by hanging them with 10mm rope instead of chain.
  • Bags hung with twisted straps/chain is negligent of assembly and may void your warranty.
  • Beating bags with weapons, striking with bare knuckles or shoes may puncture/damage bags which is not warrantable.
  • Avoid dragging bags or straps, this form of damage is not warrantable.
  • Avoid hanging bags near (within 1.5 meters) walls/mirrors and other gym equipment.
  • Wipe bags down with disinfectant diluted in warm water once per week for hygienic maintenance.
  • Spray/lubricate "D" rings, chains and places where moving metal parts touch once per week where required.
  • Inspect weekly for wear in strap rings, swivels & chains. Failure to do so can result in your boxing bag failing suddenly.
Boxing Boots
  • When using Boxing Boots, ensure you only use them indoors on a soft flooring training area or boxing ring.
  • Boxing Boots are designed for boxing training only and should be not be used outdoors or for other activities.
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42 reviews for Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Boxing Gloves

  1. Michael

    Great gloves. Bought mine a year ago and they’re holding up great. So comfortable and supportive.

    Pros: Comfortable, supportive and really well made.

    Cons: None

    Best used for: Sparring

  2. Sean Bowes

    Great gloves. Not as good as the Ultras.

    Pros: Good solid glove. Lots of wrist support. Firm punching surface. Not too much padding.

    Cons: More stiff than the Ultras. They hold your fist a bit too straight/in extension.

    Best used for: Flogging people.

  3. Syed Gillani

    Punch equipment Australia is the only Australia company that I believe is manufacturing world class equipment and their Mexican Fuerte line is simply the best. Mexican Fuerte Elite boxing glove is my second favourite glove out of Punch equipment entire line while Mexican Fuerte Ultra boxing glove being my No. 1 favourite.
    I am a big fan of mexican style gloves, Cleto Reyes being my favourite but these gloves give me almost the same feeling but at a better price. This glove can easily match the $360 – $450 range Cleto Reyes glove. The stitching is the beautiful, the leather they have used it extremely good quality. I personally don’t use these for hitting the bag as I have proper bag gloves for hitting the bag. I would recommend that if you want to increase their life, use them for sparring and hitting pads. I also own Mexican Fuerte ultra boxing glove and I don’t use that one on bags as well as I have spent my hard earned money on them and want them to last as long as they can. But that’s just me if you want to hit the bag with it then you can absolutely do so. They provide you with excellent wrist support and amazing knuckle protection. The padding is immaculate, very intelligent design.
    I would advise everyone if you can afford it then use Punch equipment bag gloves or Trophy getters (My third favourite Punch equipment boxing glove) for your bag work while using these Mexican ones for hitting the mitts or sparring. If you are low on cash then Punch Trophy getters is an excellent glove as well but the Mexican line is worth every penny.
    They are really comfortable from the get go, minimal breaking in required.

    Pros: Hand safety, comfortable, beautiful leather, practical design , value for money.

    Cons: None.

    Best used for: Sparring and hitting mitts.

  4. ervin tomeldan

    best boxing gloves i have owned period!

  5. Jason

    Excellent high quality glove. Very well balanced design for boxing sparring with excellent feedback and good protection

    Pros: High quality leather, excellent craftmanship, good weight balance, good hand protection. Decent for muay thai too.

    Cons: Not the best protection for your opponent

    Best used for: Boxing, kickboxing & muay thai sparring

  6. Daniel Jacobs

    Best gloves I’ve used in over 15 years have 3 pairs

    Pros: feel Padding Wrist support

    Cons: None really

    Best used for: Heavy bag and pad work

  7. Joshua smith

    I have a few set of punch gloves but these are now my go to. They are a comfortable fit with or without wraps. The thumb placement is perfect for my style, and they have great support around the wrist. Just an overall great design.

    Pros: comfort and support

    Best used for: Great all round glove

  8. Tori

    By Far the best glove I’ve used. Feel great connections when landing and wrist is well supported.

    Pros: I’ve had them for 2 years and still feel great.

    Cons: None

    Best used for: Sparring

  9. Tyler Nugent

    These gloves are absolutely FANTASTIC bought 16 oz for sparring. Not to mention the white gloves are stunning with the red inside. Perfect balance and feels like your wearing 10 oz gloves. 100% would purchase over and over again not that you would need to with the amazing quality.

    Pros: Amazing balance through out the glove, amazing quality and stunning colours!

    Cons: The red on the inside seeps through abit but don’t really notice it

    Best used for: Sparring

  10. Rey G

    Great gloves with awesome padding!

    Pros: Easy to dry and so far my 12 month old gloves doesn't smell (just air it after finished using) after 6 hours of weekly use. Velcrow is durable

    Cons: Fit medium to larger hands

    Best used for: Long term investment for beginners to semi-pro for pad work or bag work

  11. Brad

    An excellent glove that meets all advertised expectations. Very comfortable and great hitting power

    Pros: Comfort and style are great

    Cons: None

    Best used for: Perfect all round

  12. Jeff

    After buying the Ultra gloves I was super impressed which lead me to also purchase the Elite for comparison. Again, impressed with the comfort and design, since the first wear without any break-in period. The protection you get from such a slim model is fantastic. With some experience in product development I must give my admiration for the thought and design that’s put into these Mexican style gloves. They nailed the value for money in the Fuerte range. Personally the comfort and quality of the Ultra has my favor, still glad to add this glove into the rotation. Especially for the heavy bag the Elite has a great feel and feedback. Because of this I will sell my Cleto Reyes gloves. Thats a big complement towards Punch Equipment.

    Pros: Comfort, style, feels light for it's size and versitality.

    Cons: My only worry would be the Velcro . Feels a bit flimsy. Hope it will last.

    Best used for: Perfect for allround in boxing.

  13. Troy Richards

    I have been using PUNCH brand in my boxing gym for many years, along with other brands.Usually if you want the best top of the range quality boxing equipment you have to buy overseas products, not anymore. An Australian based company is finally producing a high-end line of boxing products, if your like me, and only like the best for your boxers stick with PUNCH, you won’t dissapointed.

    Pros: You can support Aussie retailers.

    Cons: None.

  14. Jarryd Sullivan

    These things are the boss! I have been using these multiple times per week for a while now and they are still like brand new. They are soft and fit well and perfect for a variety of training. The weight distribution is really nice also.

    Pros: Comfort, fit, durability.

    Cons: None

    Best used for: All round

  15. matthew_norwood

    Have sparred in these for the last 12 months

    16oz feel more like a 12oz glove due to weight distribution and balance.

    Will stay my go-to glove for many many more sessions

  16. Joel Hannah

    I recently purchased a pair of these Mexican Elite Fuerte Boxing Gloves in yellow – and they are without doubt the best boxing gloves I have ever worn!

    The snug fit is extremely comfortable, the leather is soft and of top top quality and unlike many of Punch Equipments elite Mexican and U.S. competitors – these gloves seem to only be getting better with wear!

    The weight of the gloves is superb (perfectly balanced) and have served me wonderfully as a great all round training/bag/sparring glove.

    I will be purchasing these gloves again without doubt (in green next time).

    Thanks Punch Equipment!

    Pros: Soft strong leather Superb fit Perfectly balanced Stunning to look at

    Cons: None

    Best used for: All round training glove

  17. Tori_work

    The quality is unbelievable. They have taken a beating in the past 12 months and are still is great condition. The fit and wrist support have really helped me as my wrist have given me problems in the past but no problems with these. Highly recommend.

  18. Taylor

    Very well made glove can tell from first use

    Pros: Keeps thumb protected and allows for punches to land accurately

    Cons: Padding can wear down a bit if used on heavy bag a lot. This is more of a sparring glove

    Best used for: Sparring

  19. Uriah Notley

    Absolutely fantastic gloves couldn’t be happier perfect padding size and fast shipping I’ve never been more happy with boxing gloves than this one

    Pros: Great padding Great grip Fast shipping Soft

    Best used for: Bag work and pad work and sparring perfect for sparring

  20. Tyson walker-Hoffman

    Great gloves

  21. Aidan Andronicou

    Very good quality prefer it to be the ones you tie up but still very good quality well done punch

    Pros: Very protective around the hands

    Cons: It is slightly heavy

    Best used for: Hitting the heavy bag

  22. Joel Hannah

    These are by far and away the best boxing gloves I have ever owned! Both the fit and the build quality are absolutely exceptional; also, the leather and the colouring is just beautiful (I purchased the gloves in yellow and am looking forward to purchasing them again in green).
    Well done on a beautiful glove here Punch Equipment; I truly feel like these gloves are some of the best on the market.
    I am also delighted that they are Australian ?

  23. Ash Sparkes

    A must-have glove for thrashing pads,
    Feel amazing when you land a crisp punch & lets you know when you’ve thrown a bad one too

    Pros: Fantastic leather & hand fit

    Best used for: Professional pad work & sparring

  24. Jb

    Beautiful gloves! Best pair I ever had. Leather is great quality.

    Pros: Well balanced. Feel super light. Great attention to details. Fit super well and you can really make a fist in them. Only used them for a week and didn’t have to ‘break’ them

    Cons: Have not found any yet

    Best used for: Good all round

  25. Nick Atkins

    Super light & tight fit in the hand,
    Really good wrist support & is my favourite glove!

    Pros: Good Wrist Support Super light Tight hand fit

    Cons: None

    Best used for: Sparring

  26. Cheyanne Hunt

    My absolute favourite gloves I’ve had so far.
    Light weight, tight fit and I love them for pads.

  27. Jun Lee

    Great quality gloves from Aussie brand,
    If you are thinking to do hard sparring and pads work,
    I highly recommend these gloves.

    Pros: Sparring Great quality gloves

    Best used for: Sparring & Pads

  28. Exagym

    Was convinced to get these after being hit with a pair! Training partner definitely feels the sting! Super comfy and don’t even feel like a 16oz when they are on! Love the yellow!!!

  29. Gino Vallelonga

    Very well priced for the quality of glove! Love the extra wrist support and the fit is spot on. This glove also allows for tight hand closure when punching. A top notch glove!! 5 stars!!!

  30. Uzair Khan

    After using it in sparring sessions.

    Pros: Comfy ,attractive, nice padding, thumb protection.

    Cons: Would be nice if valcro is more thick and firm like cleto ryes gloves.

    Best used for: I bought these gloves for sparring only and they are fantastic gloves. Got in white colour they are very attractive. With other gloves i would worry about hurting my fingers (as happened to me in shi**y hayabusa gloves) and would hesitate while throwing bigger shots . But with these gloves i go as hard as i want and i dont feel my knuckle and fingers.

  31. paul_delprete

    Great gloves – light weight and moulds beautifully to your hand. You certainly don’t realise they are a 16oz gloves whilst using them.

    Would highly recommend.

  32. Jackson woods

    Got a pair of these recently and they are the best gloves I’ve used, good for sparring, bags and pads ??

    Best used for: Sparring and heavy bag

  33. luke woods

    These gloves are by far the best boxing glove I’ve used, very comfortable, protects your hands particularly on heavy bags. Longest lasting gloves with great padding. Highly recommend to anyone looking for best gloves

  34. Tasa

    I have been training with the Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves and loving them. I have a bag wrist and find these gloves give amazing support. Highly recommend.

    Pros: Fantastic support, without the extra bulk of other gloves give

    Cons: Doesn’t come in pink.

    Best used for: Sparring and general training

  35. Indigo boyd

    Top range glove for sparring, amazing wrist support. All round comfy glove, highly recommend.

    Pros: Great fit, not too tight not too lose.

    Best used for: Sparring.

  36. Roy Brens

    These are by far the best 16Oz gloves I’ve sparred in. They fit perfectly, love the shape, texture and they feel great to hit in! Definitely a winner with this product guys!

  37. Jay

    Great new gloves for sparring. Fits the hand perfect, which helps prevent injury’s. They’re a hit at our club and great value for money. Go grab a pair if you’re serious about your training.

  38. bravehearts_boxing

    Just picked up a pair for sparring. Feel great to wear around the hand and wrist. Love em

  39. vanilla_hollywood

    Great gloves, been punching people in the face with them for a couple of weeks now

  40. Darren Freiberg

    The Mexican Glove is a Great Boxing Glove. Purpose built for Sparring they Feel fantastic on your hands, look good and provide great protection. Good value for money. Best Glove to Spar in!!!

  41. Lisa Garton

    This glove is amazing! The comfort is exceptional; very soft and secure while moulding to your hand. The wrist and hand protection is superb and durability is unquestionable. I have no fear of injuring myself thanks to the support it provides. As cliché as it is, this glove truly upholds the old saying “fits like a glove”.

  42. Luke Woods

    Luke absolutely loves his new gloves and has been punishing them on bags, pads and sparring. Just to see how they would cope. He’s amazed. Never thought he would ever wear 16oz spending last 12 years sparring in 12oz and 10oz on bags but their balanced weighting and fist forming comfort makes his hands feel great and no soreness.

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