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    Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves

    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
    (2 customer reviews)
    $99.99 (RRP)

    Material: 100% Cowhide Leather


    Why choose the Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves?

    The Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves are designed for intermediate & professional boxing training.
    These Gloves can be used with Focus Pads, Punching Bags & Sparring.

    With its sleek full Cow-Hide Leather Design, these gloves will feel firmer and tighter compared to the Synthetic Urban Boxing Gloves.
    The Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves come in a Black with the stylish “2018′ White Punch Urban logo & can be purchased in either a 12oz or 16oz.

    Best features

    • Solid Full 3 Inch Velcro Wrist Wrap
    • Full Cow-Hide Leather Casing
    • Cool Punch Mesh insert to keep sweat at bay
    • Injected Mould Padding
    • True to Weight
    • Tight and Firm Hand Ffit
    • 12oz or 16oz
    • Black Colour with White Logo


    Hand Wraps/Inners

    We always recommend wearing stretch, quickwraps or inners when using boxing gloves to extend the life of the glove and to help absorb sweat easily.
    Buy hand wraps and cotton inners online today.

    Leather Boxing Gloves available in black and 12 oz/16 oz. Best leather gloves for boxing sparring and competition.

    Largest range of boxing gloves available online in Australia and New Zealand.


    For Sparring

    Can be used for sparring opponents.

    Full Wrist Wrap

    Gloves are designed with a full wrist wrap for your protection.

    Punch Urban

    PUNCH International streetwear. Domestic 1 year warranty use only. 3 month commercial warranty.

    True to Weight

    Product is made to be at least the stated weight & true. International length of glove.

    CoolPunch® Airflow technology

    Shown with a product incorporating Punch® Equipment's latest meshed airflow technology. Cool Punch® is a registered trademark used under licence.

    Tested on Humans®

    Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.

    General Boxing Gloves Weight/Size Guide

    Use this as a general guide if you’re unsure of what size/weight to buy. The heavier the glove, the harder the workout. However you will receive better protection from the increased glove sizes and increased muscular development.

    Weight KGBag WorkSparring
    Weight KGBag WorkSparring
    70kg +12oz16oz
    Product Dimensions:
    • Do not use gear wet - this is abuse.
    • Dry your gear out of your training bag in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
    • Use minimal baby powder to remove odours.
    • Always use cotton inners or wraps to prevent excessive sweat ruining the stitching/materials in products, Sweat/Rot damage is not warrantable.
    • Ensure you have enough training gear to always use a dry set-especially in commercial use as over using a small insufficient amount of equipment is abuse and will void your warranty.
    • Do not do push ups in boxing gloves unless they have "push up zone" printed on them.
    • If the product is marked "washable" Hand wash separately in cold water, do not tumble dry, avoid washing more than 4 times per year.
    • Do not over inflate-especially in hot conditions-inflate until ball feels firm(not hard) and your thumbs can push into material approx 1.5cm.
    • Changes in air temperature will require regular "topping up" of inflated bladders.
    • Lick needle before inserting into bladders. Ensure you do not puncture bladders with needle.
    • Ensure floor to ceiling ball springers are not set too tight (should have min 30cm movement in any direction) as any less will damage the ball.
    • Ball straps and springers are perishable high wear and tear items and are excluded from warranty.
    • Set height of floor to ceiling ball at approx chest height for best results.
    • The fitting of non PUNCH EQUIPMENT accessories will void your warranty.
    • Note-all bags /speed balls and floor to ceiling balls require weekly inflation/adjustment & maintenance.
    • Never strike speed balls/pads or bags with bare knuckles.
    Boxing Bags
    • Its recommended you have your equipment installed by a qualified tradesman to check what you are fixing into is suitable for the considerable forces that are generated with use.
    • If you change the fittings or filling or adjust the strap/chain lengths you will void your warranty.
    • Only use surgical spear gun rubber to fix the bag to the floor with the tie down feature.
    • Avoid D ring wear on strap boxing bags by hanging them with 10mm rope instead of chain.
    • Bags hung with twisted straps and chain is negligent assembly and may void warranty.
    • Beating bags with weapons, striking with bare knuckles or shoes may puncture bags. Puncture damage is not warrantable.
    • Avoid dragging bags or pulling back on straps. This form of damage is not warrantable.
    • Avoid hanging bags near(within 1.5 meters) walls/mirrors and other gym equipment.
    • Wipe bags down with disinfectant diluted in warm water once per week.
    • Spray lubricate "D" rings and chains and places where moving metal parts touch once per week.
    WARNING: Inspect weekly for wear in strap rings, swivels, chains. Failure to do so can result in bag failing suddenly GEL PADDING WARNING: Gel will melt if left in direct sunlight, within heated cars or tumble dried. This abuse is not warrantable.

    2 reviews for Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves

    1. Rated 5 out of 5


      HI team.
      Today I received my order of punch urban pro leather 16oz gloves. I have to say they are awesome. A nice firm snug fit. I used them training for the first time tonight and they were great. Will be using punch products only from now on. The punch TV reviews were extremely helpful and accurate. Big thanks.

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      Brett Jacobsen

      My favorite boxing glove. Great for all training (MMA, K1, Muay Thai etc) but especially boxing. They are a crisp glove for punching

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