Product Review – Punch Reflex Ball

Are you looking for a fun but challenging Boxing training equipment? Then the Punch Reflex Ball is for you!

Why choose the Punch Reflex Ball?

There are numerous benefits of the Punch Reflex Ball, starting with improving your overall Boxing skills. It can help improve your timing, hand/eye coordination, focus, footwork, agility, rhythm and concentration. So for a very affordable price point, this Boxing ball can really take your Boxing performance to another level!

  • Improve Timing
  • Improve Hand / Eye Coordination
  • Improve Focus / Concentration

The Punch Reflex Ball is also a great piece of solo training equipment. So the possibilities are endless! You could use it before or after workouts and train in any location, whether you’re at school, work, beach or the gym.

How to Use

To start off, we’d recommend using Boxing Gloves so you can easily hit the ball. Then when you’re feeling more confident, you can move to smaller gloves, bare hands or wrapped hands.

The Reflex Ball comes with a stretchy headband that is suitable for all head sizes. The ball is basically a miniature tennis ball which provides a very challenging/small target for improving punching accuracy.