Grappling Dummy Product Review

In this review, we’ll look at the Grappling Dummy by Punch® Equipment.

Who is the dummy for?

This dummy is primarily designed to be hung most dummies are just for ground use only so we thought we’d bring in something a little bit different where you can actually hang it like a normal boxing bag.

This particular model is the first in the range and it’s about 1,800 millimetres tall. We’re actually moving to a shorter model so that you can hang it at a height for shorter people and juniors and so on as well so ongoing, it’ll be a little bit shorter than this. Primarily you’ve got a commercial grade professional dummy that can be hung or used on the ground


Now the material casing is 100% PunchTex. That’s exactly the same material that we use in all our punching bags and typical of punch equipment, there are no zippers that you can catch yourself on or hurt yourself on.


This has protruding forearms. Now these arms are just stuffed so they sit out and I’ll show you in a minute how they’re quite good for having to negotiate the arms before you do something so you can climb over the arms or lift the arms and come in very much like what you have to do to strike a person now normally when you’re trying to bag you get given a free run as far as you can strike the bag as much as you like without any interference.

Here you do run into interference and you have to think about that, which is a great intermediate step between a boxing bag and actually sparring.

For Combinations

Now, this bag is heavy enough to take full thigh kicks so you can really lay in with your leg kicks. you can do your groin strikes at will, throat strikes and it’s got a heavily packed head with a special sealed section so the head doesn’t empty out over time and become softer and soft which is very important.

So this bag basically is designed to be as lifelike as possible it weighs about 30 kilos and is about 1,600 millimetres. We’ve marked out some abs and this is so you can lift the arms and start striking.


Overall, it’s designed to be interesting and engaging so that whether you’re a beginner or a professional you really can work on this and you don’t have to rely solely on your imagination with the Punch® dummy bag. In some other videos will show you how to use this interesting new product.

Grappling Dummy Review