Boxing Basics: How to make a fist & correct boxing stance – UPDATED 2020

In this instructional video, the founder of Punch Equipment, Bruce Townhill will quickly demonstrate how to correctly create a fist & how to stand for basic boxing techniques.

How to Make a fist

  1. Open your hand out flat.
  2. Close the fingers tightly.
  3. Bring your thumbs down & in to cover the fingers.
  4. The fist & arm should be straight to ensure you strike with the correct knuckles & minimize the risk of injury to the wrist joint.

How to create your boxing stance

  1. Stand naturally with your lead foot facing the target.
  2. Have your rear foot to the back approx. hip-width apart, facing out at approx. 45 degrees with the ball of your back foot off the ground slightly.
    (This will allow you to comfortably step & pivot.)
  3. Bend your knees slightly, place approx. 70% of your weight onto your front foot & approx 30% onto your back foot.
    (This allows you to keep the ball of your rear foot off the ground.)
  4. Place your rear hand onto the jawline so you feel it on your face.
  5. Bring your lead shoulder close to the chin with your lead hand in front & under the eye line so you’re ready to punch.