Bag Gloves Review – Punchfit®

This is a Boxing Bag Glove that’s primarily designed for fitness training and the unique part about this glove is its hybrid build.

Best Features

  • Developed for Punchfit & Fitness Trainers
  • Ideal for mass group classes or boxing fitness style workouts
  • Engineered for boxing bag & focus pads/mitts
  • One Size only ( 12oz sized hand fit )
  • Built with custom gel striking surfaces to allow safe punching, catching & utilising pushups!

Hybrid Style – Glove and Pad All in One!

Push Up Boxing GlovesA hybrid Boxing glove basically means that the glove can be used for both throwing punches and catching punches. So rather than having to carry around a glove and focus pad, this is a really great solution to a common problem in the fitness industry. Now, you can incorporate more combinations into your training session from the time saved without having to switch gear.

In the case of the Punchfit Bag Glove, it comes with a padded palm target for catching punches. Although, think of your partner before going hell for leather! As it’s not the same as hitting a focus pad, which contains more padding and shock absorption features for the pad-holder.

Push Up Zone

This is one of our few Boxing Gloves which is certified for push-ups. Generally, the way to break a normal Boxing glove is by doing open-handed push-ups. Whereas this glove comes with custom gel zones on the end and allows you to perform push-ups without taking the gloves off! So this feature just adds to the excellent fitness Boxing features of this glove.


This glove is a 12oz sized boxing glove which is an ideal weight / size for Boxing fitness training. It’s heavier enough to develop muscular strength from Boxing with these gloves.

Buy Online

The Punchfit® Boxing Bag Gloves are available online at Punch Equipment® either as a single pair or you have the option of purchasing a pack deal.