How to choose a Round Shield

Learn how to choose a Round Shield at Punch Equipment. We look at the two Round Shields currently available and discuss the main differences.

For Boxing

The red Round Shield is ideal for heavy boxing and combinations. It weighs around 2.5-3kg and soaks up heavy punches. It can be used to train kicks, elbows, knee and punches. So it’s a versatile piece of training equipment. The material used is quality Ripstop which means it won’t rip or tear after years of use. The inside is rag filled and this gives the round shield it’s weight. The sides are hand stitched . So if you’re looking for a body training aid, choose this product.


  • For heavy boxing
  • Great for boxing combinations
  • Train – Kicks, Knees, Elbows, Punches
  • Weight: Approx 3kg

For Fitness

The black pad is a much lighter shield and is ideal for training youth or small ladies. It weight approximately 500 grams, so it’s not for heavy punches. The foam inside is high density and still protects the trainer from hits. But the lighter version won’t suit heavy kicks and knees. So ideally choose this shield for light fitness and small ladies/kids.


  • For kids/ladies
  • Light foam
  • Weight: Approx 500g