Product Review – Shooto Sparring MMA Gloves V30

In this product review, we look at the popular Shooto Sparring MMA Gloves by Punch Equipment.

Recommended For

The Shooto Sparring MMA Gloves V30 is primarily designed for MMA sparring, training and fighting. They can be used for hitting pads and boxing bags. As well as MMA training drills such as ground and pound or grappling.

Best Features

  • Designed for MMA training, sparring & competition
  • Built with high density, memory foam
  • All leather construction for longevity
  • Full double-length wrist wrap for added stability
  • Punchcool lining for grip and sweat resistance
  • Open palm for maintaining grip strength


This glove has an open palm that will help maintain grip strength and minimal restriction. Inside the glove, you have our Punchcool lining for improved slip and sweat resistance.

Injury Prevention / Safety Features

With a full double-length wrist wrap, this glove will provide excellent wrist protection for its user. The glove comes with a locking system that keeps the wrist wrap tight and in place.
You can also adjust the tightness of the wrap while closing it over your wrist. So it provides a double lock on your wrist for added protection and safety. It also comes with a protective thumb tab design for extra thumb support while throwing punches.

Material – What’s it made from?

The glove is designed in all leather construction for longevity and durability. It has a full cowhide leather casing in the knuckle area and palm.

Sizing Options

It’s currently available as one size fits most MMA glove. It will fit most medium to large hand sizes. A smaller hand size would need wraps under the glove to fill it out.