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Urban Boxing Gloves Testimonial

Neil Douglas

Dear Punch Equipment,
I figured most people usually only contact a company if something is wrong or to complain.
I've boxed to keep fit for a few years and always picked up minor wrist injuries. I've been in Brisbane for the past year and purchased a pair of your urban boxing gloves.
The standard of the glove is great and I haven't had any wrist problems using them. The website and catalogue are also great and very informative.
Many thanks, Neil Douglas
Test Brett

Brett Jeffery

  • Professional Boxer
  • 13 Amateur fights; 12 wins, 1 loss
  • 1 Pro fight; 1 x win by KO
  • 2 QLD league Amateur titles, 2010, 2011
  • Runner up in Nationals 2011
  • 1 x QLD League Amateur Golden Gloves
I am currently using an old pair of Trophy Getters® that I have used six days a week for the last 2 years. They are only now showing signs of their age! I don't look after my gear at all and a lot of the time my gloves go in the back of my ute and sit in the rain over night! I don't air them out, and I don't dry them. They may smell because of my laziness but I can't seem to kill them no matter how hard I try. I have been recommended to try different styles of gloves over the years but why fix it , if it doesn't break?!
Test Natasha

Natasha Sky

  • Professional Female Muay Thai Fighter
  • 27 fights; 14 wins (3 KO's), 12 losses, 1 draw
  • WKBF 51.7kg Queensland Title
  • WKBF 54.5kg Queensland Title
  • AMCO Bangla Stadium Champion (Thailand)
My favourite Punch® product is the AAA Specials® gloves - they are by far the best gloves I have ever owned. I never hesitate to recommend the Punch® brand to anyone , from beginners to pro fighters.
Test Patrick

Patrick Doherty

  • Sponsored Professional Muay Thai Fighter
  • 28 Fights; 19 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw
  • ISKA Super Welterweight (70kg) Australian Champion
I use Punch® Equipment because they know what a fighter wants and expects in quality training and fighting gear. When they say 'Tested on Humans' they mean it... 'Tested on Humans®' - like me - and I can't thank them enough for their support in my fighting career.
Test Nick

Nick Stone

  • Founder & Owner of Bulldog Gym, Balgowlah, NSW
  • Blitz Kickboxing Trainer of the Year 2002
  • Promoter for War on the North Shore Fight Nights
Punch® gloves have the best padding and good protection for the fighters, that's why I use and recommend them for my fight nights, War on the North Shore.
Test Hayley

Hayley Bateup

  • Professional Ironwoman
  • Owner & Creator of Hayley Beteup's Body Blitz
  • Former Gladiator 'Nitro'
When I get serious with my training, I use Punch Equipment®.
Test Andrew

Andrew Berridge

  • Owner & Head Coach at CrossFit, North Head, NSW
  • 38th Place in 2013 Australian CrossFit Regionals
  • Former: WKA Super Featherweight, NSW Thaiboxing Champion, East Coast Thaiboxing Champion, 3 x Australian Thaiboxing Champion, Australian Kickboxing Champion, 2 x ISKA Australian Thaiboxing Champion
When I train in Martial Arts, I only trust Punch® Equipment, it's comfortable and durable.. and it's Tested on Humans®.
Test Vincent

Vincent Perry

  • Founder & Head Coach Potential Unlimited Mixed Martial Arts (PUMMA), QLD
  • Official Punch® Equipment Test Center
  • Trainer of two current UFC fighters and dozens of Professional MMA competitors
I love my Punch® Thumpas®. Great to hold, comfortable fitting, light and durable and like me - a pair of these are going to be around a long time.
Test Kim

Kim Heta

  • Owner of A Team Dietetics PT Gym, 
  • Licensed Punchfit® Academy, VIC
  • Presenter for Punchfit®
  • Former NRL Player
  • Former Pro Boxer
  • WBF Heavyweight Asian Pacific Heavyweight - 2008
Punch® Equipment helped me punch my way to the top - it's the only brand I trust to use for my training and with my clients.
Test Mark

Mark Castagnini

  • Founder and Owner of Hammer's Gym, VIC
  • Official Punch® Test Centre (Hammer's Gym)
  • Leading Combat Sports Specialist Commentator on FOX Sports and Fuel TV
  • Hammer Time Presenter, FOX Sport
Personally, I love the new Black Diamond Thai Pads... light, comfortable and hard wearing. I push all my fighters to wear them, you just know they will last, be comfortable and are designed for the fighter. I now have Hammer's Gym completely decked out with Punch® gear.
Test JWP

Wayne Parr

  • Owner of Boonchu Gym, Gold Coast, QLD
  • Official Punch® Test Centre
  • 10 Times World Champion
  • Professional Boxing Record: 13 Fights; 10 Wins (10 KO's), 3 Losses
  • Kickboxing Record: 116 Fights; 84 Wins (38 KO's), 31 Losses, 1 Draw
I use and recommend Punch® Trophy Getter® competition mitts for all my cage fights. The Gel-MMA mitts give me the confidence to punch hard without damaging my knuckles, at the same time, giving protection to keep my opponent - safer than plain padded gloves.
Test Scott

Scott Williams

  • Managing Director Succeed Bootcamp
  • National Presenter for Punchfit®
  • Licensed Punchfit® Academy, ACT
For the last 17 years, both myself and my clients have been strapping on Punch® Equipment. Not only is it comfortable, but very durable for the amount of punishment the gear goes through.