Can you believe it?

Summer is almost here in Australia and Punch Equipment® has you covered!
In this blog post, we’ll look at the top 5 products to get you started with your Summer fitness goals.

Training Boxing Gloves in Black

#1 Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves

The number 1 item on your Summer training list should be the Trophy Getters. These boxing gloves are built for any occasion or training type. Whether you’re hitting bags, training one on one, sparring at the gym or just looking to utilise boxing for fitness. They’re our best selling gloves online and have been in the Punch Equipment range for over 20 years.

Recently reviewed by Rian Rees

I have used many brands of gloves based primarily on brands(twins, yokkao, RDX) because there was no quality gloves that i liked from our local suppliers here in New Zealand.
Until I tried the trophy getters. Comfortable, safe with good wrist support and very swag-like. I own 3 pairs of Trophy Getters and have sold many to my gym members and will continue to do so as I fully rate them 100%

Thumpas Focus Pads

#2 Thumpas® Commercial Grade Curved Focus Pads

Along with the Trophy Getters®, we highly recommend the Thumpas® for all your boxing focus pads needs. This focus pad will last years of training as it’s designed for heavy and regular use.
As such, this pad has been in the Punch Equipment® range for over 20 years and has undergone very little design tweaks over the time.

I have used Thumpas for a variety of group fitness classes & personals and they have stood the test of time.
I haven’t needed to buy any other pads since purchasing them 3 years ago! 
Lightweight, great padding and easy to take off and put on.

Heavy Weighted Skipping Rope

#3 “Intensity” Heavy Weighted Skipping Rope

We’ve highlighted the benefits of skipping ropes and the “Intensity” Heavy Weighted Skipping Rope should be on your shopping list!

The weight of this skipping rope comes in with quality timber handles and extra heavy duty 10mm ultra smooth ball bearings. Which makes it ideal for losing weight and burning calories in the Summer heat.
Recently reviewed by Robert Liberty

I am now getting the craziest most amazing work out of my life thanks to punch equipment and this heavy weighted jump rope the looks of this jump rope in the picture or extremely deceiving it doesn’t look as big as it is when you actually get it the thick rope is extremely intimidating and when you start jumping it saps energy out of you right away turning you into a lean mean fighting machine you got to really really be in shape when it comes to using this jump rope and if you’re not don’t worry this will get you there many many many thanks to punch equipment signed Yours Truly Mr. Robert Liberty

Punch Boxing Singlet

#4 Punch Singlet – Tested on Humans®

Train in Summer with comfort and style with the Punch Singlet.

Great for any type of training and wearing around the gym.

Recently reviewed by Geovana Peres

I love my singlets. Super comfortable and an awesome design. Very good material and the black colour doesn’t fade away. Great product!

2ft Mesh Gear Bag

#5 2ft Mesh Gear Bag

Last but not least is the 2ft Mesh Gear Bag. This is a small gear bag that’s ideal for carrying around your essential Boxing items.

This bag is amazing. Awesome size, excellent quality, does not smell with the sweaty gloves or gear on it.
All my boxing gear fits perfectly in this bag. I love it.