Hand Wraps for Boxing

The following hand wraps for Boxing ultimate guide will provide an overview of hand wrapping and why it’s so important.

Types of Boxing Hand Wraps

Traditional: Traditional hand wrapping involves wrapping both hands before training. A traditional hand wrap can be useful for creating a tighter handfit inside a boxing glove. It’s also designed for injury prevention in the wrist, knuckles and fingers.

Quickwraps: Punch Equipment has created a special hand wrap called the “Quickwrap”. Basically a quickwrap eliminates the need for hand wrapping and simply slips onto your hands. If you’re not comfortable with hand wrapping or find it time-consuming, a quickwrap is an ideal alternative.

Tape: Strapping tape is mostly used for fighting or sparring. It’s a versatile product which has many uses, such as; tapping up lace up gloves, use inside a glove instead of hand wrap and more!

Cotton inners: A cotton inner is a lighter “hand wrap” and is useful for sweat protection inside your glove.

How to hand wrap for boxing

Learn how to hand wrap with the experts at Punch Equipment.

How to choose Hand wraps

The hand wrap is an essential part of your boxing equipment along with your boxing gloves. A hand wrap aims to protect your knuckles, stabilise the wrist, protects the thumb, soaks up perspiration and fills out a glove.

A hand wrap protects your wrist by keeping the wrist in the correct position while punching. If you’ve sustained any wrist injuries from boxing, a hand wrap is definitely recommended for injury protection.

Another benefit of hand wraps is sweat protection. Sweat can ruin the life of a glove and a hand wrap helps soak up the sweat inside the glove.

How to choose Quick wraps

The major benefit of quick wraps is saving time from hand wrapping before every training session. A quick wrap will protect your hands to a lesser extent compared to a hand wrap.

How to choose Cotton Inners

Boxing Cotton Inners
When your buying a cotton inner, always buy a high quality cotton inner instead of cheaper inners. A high quality cotton inner will last much longer and they can be re-washed over and over. Although, they will shrink after many washes.

At Punch Equipment we provide a commercial-grade cotton inner, which can last up to 6-12 months of training. Most adults will choose the large size, whereas the small/medium sizes are ideal for children and small ladies.

How to choose Strapping Tape