Bag Gloves Review

In this product review, we’ll be looking at the Urban Bag Glove available from Punch® Equipment.

Video Review

The Urban Bag Gloves are ideal for personal trainers and are tested on Punchfit® for approved courses.

The Urban Bag Gloves are available in white, black and hot pink colours. It’s a one size fits all glove.

We would recommend the gloves for bag and pad training, but we wouldn’t recommend using these gloves for sparring.

What is a Bag glove?

A bag glove falls between a bag mitt and a boxing glove. It’s just like using a boxing glove and contains a fully protected thumb for injury/jarring prevention. The wrist wraps right around your wrist for full wrist support.

Best Features

  • One size fits all glove
  • Available in Black, Pink and White
  • Fully padded
  • Attached thumb
  • Full wrap tapered velcro safety wrist strap
  • Coolpunch® technology

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