The difference between Urban and Pro Urban Boxing Gloves

If you’re looking to choose between our Urban boxing gloves and the Pro Leather boxing gloves, this article will explain the main differences.

Urban Boxing Gloves V30
Important Features
  • A proven, high-grade, synthetic boxing glove for the beginner & intermediate boxer!
  • 3 weights & 10 colourful options to choose from!
  • Designed with a high-grade Enduro 35 synthetic casing
  • Built with premium, injected mould padding & generous palm pillowing
  • 3 inch thick Hook & Loop wrist closure for added wrist support


The main difference between the two gloves is the material design and casing of the glove. The Pro leather glove is designed in full leather throughout the glove. Whereas, the cheaper urban boxing glove is made from Enduro 35 material.

Enduro 35 material is far more durable and more flexible than normal PU synthetic materials.

Comparison Table

FeatureUrban Boxing GlovesPro Urban Boxing Gloves
PurposeGeneral trainingGeneral/Sparring
FeelLighterFirm, tighter
Injected mouldNoYes


In summary, we would recommend the Urban Boxing Gloves for beginners training around twice a week in a boxing gym (for example). They are popular for hitting focus pads, during personal training courses at Punchfit.

While the Pro leather Urban Boxing gloves are for more advanced boxers looking for a quality leather glove. They’re also more recommended for sparring and punching bag training.