Product Review – Urban Coach Sticks

In this review, we look at the upgraded Urban® Coach Boxing Foam Sticks.

Ideal for any type of Training session

This is one of our favourite items for Boxing, Muay Thai and general fitness training. It’s really fun to use and breaks up any training session. Training with these sticks should help improve overall boxing techniques and fitness. You can train agility, footwork, reflexes, power, accuracy and so much more!


The material has been changed from straight polyester to the Enduro tech finish. Which is widely used with most of our Urban products, such as Urban Boxing Gloves and Urban Focus Pads. As well as some of our bag gloves/mitts. This material is very forgiving and stretchy. So this helps improve the overall grip for the user.


As mentioned, this is an upgrade over the original Coach stick. A few people weren’t a fan of the black colour for visibility reasons. So we switched it to a full white stick instead.

We’ve also upgraded the lanyard to stretch. So there’s no jar in your wrist and it provides better mobility for the holder.

Recommended For

We’d recommend the Coach Sticks for any Personal Trainer / Coach that’s looking for an alternative to focus pads or a fun piece of Boxing equipment for their clients.