Boxing Glove Weight Guide

Buying your first or next pair of boxing gloves can be confusing,
Especially for a beginner or when you are completely new to the sport of boxing.
You may ask yourself the following questions,
Why are gloves measured on their weight rather than their hand size?
What does oz mean?
Which boxing gloves weight do I need?

In this guide, our expert team will give you the clarity you need to decide which pair of boxing gloves you require & why!

What does OZ mean?

( OZ ), “Ounces” is the unit of weight that a boxing glove holds.
You will typically ounces in adult boxing gloves start from 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz & sometimes can be found even higher!
Kids boxing gloves usually start from 4oz & move up from there.
For reference: 1 Ounce = approx. 28 Grams.

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Why are boxing gloves measured by their weight ( OZ )?

Boxing Gloves are measured by their weight so boxers can understand the level of resistance they provide when training,
A 10oz boxing glove is much lighter in comparison to a 16oz boxing glove, which over time equals less fatigue on the boxer & less resistance when throwing a faster/harder punch.
Whereas 16oz boxing gloves provide more resistance to the boxer,
This s why 16oz is more commonly used as a sparring glove.

What boxing glove weight should you get?

Rather than asking yourself the above question, let’s work back from your needs!
What are you going to be using the boxing gloves for?
Are you going to be using them on a boxing/heavy bag, pads/mitts with your coach or using them for sparring?
This answer gives you a base to work from,
For example, if you’re looking to use them lightly on a boxing bag, you may only require a pair bag mitts or bag gloves, ( Check out our other blogs for information on bag mitts & bag gloves! )

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What boxing glove weight should you get for pad/mitt training?

A 10oz or 12oz boxing glove is generally a great weight to train with pads/mitts as it offers a moderate amount of resistance & protection for the boxers hands.
Our team recommends the above weights for the majority of adults ranging from approx. 65 – 90 kgs.
This ensures you can keep up the intensity, power, speed & pace during a training session.

If you were to wear 16oz glove for bag & pad work, the endurance in your arms may fatigue much earlier, however, this may in-fact build more endurance over time & giving you an even better workout.

If you are less than 65 kilograms, we may recommend 8oz – 10oz,
If you are heavier than 90 kgs, a 14oz glove can also be a suitable option.

Remember that the above is a guide, not the law!

What boxing glove weight should you get for boxing bag training?

We would recommend using the same information from the above.
However, if your boxing bag is heavy, thick & dense,
A heavier boxing glove may lower the risk of potential injury!

What boxing glove weight should you get for sparring?

This choice is in our opinion is a very important decision,
Typically our team recommends 16oz boxing gloves as they should provide more protection for the user & training partner.
A 16oz pair of gloves should be a little bulkier compared to their 12oz model also which gives the user more protection when guarding & makes placing shots, harder to land.
Always remember that a heavier boxing glove requires more energy to punch in comparison to a lighter glove,
If you see a training partner with 10oz gloves for sparring,
It may be best to stay away unless they have great control or you have great head movement!

Another important aspect to note is that not all sparring gloves are built the same,
Some may have thick knuckle padding, others may be considered “punchers” gloves which have finer padding.
It’s best to do a little research on boxing gloves to ensure you aren’t sparring an opponent with boxing gloves which feel like a car crash!

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Should you get 10 oz or 12 oz boxing gloves?

Moving between 1ooz to 12oz boxing gloves may feel unnoticeable, as 2 ounces are only 50-60 grams.
However, over a period of time, fatigue can play a big factor in your session.
For example, 12oz is an extremely common boxing glove weight in comparison to 14oz,
However, a 14oz boxing glove may give you the added resistance you’ve been looking for!

If you are a fighter on the other hand,
It may be beneficial to train more with the weight you will compete with,
This gives you a true understanding of how the gloves will fit & feel during competition.

Are heavier boxing gloves safer?

Yes… & no!
While a 16oz boxing glove adds more resistance to your ability to throw a fast punch, a 16oz glove with a thin amount knuckle padding can still hurt your opponent and yourself, whereas a 16oz glove with thicker knuckle padding may not cause the same amount of impact or damage.

If you compare a 12oz & 16oz of the same model of boxing gloves, you can safely assume that the 16oz glove will provide less risk of injury as the added resistance on your body makes throwing a punch of the same intensity, harder to throw!

Be sure to check the features of your boxing gloves to ensure they offer you the protection you are looking for!

My coach told me I have to wear a certain weight?

While your teammates may tell you which gloves to purchase,
It’s a good idea to listen to their opinion on which gloves you require.
Or even better,
Ask one of our friendly team & we can gladly point you in the right direction to finding the perfect glove for you.

Do you need more than 1 pair of boxing gloves?

If you are involved with boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or other combat sport,
Our team would recommend you have 2 pairs in your training kit.
Having 2 pairs of boxing gloves ensures you have a pair for sparring & another for bag work as they would typically be different weights.
This also allows each pair to air out & dry between sessions,
Giving your boxing gloves a longer life span!

If you are training for fitness or health & only use them for certain activities,
1 pair may suffice.

Where do you go from here?

Once you understand what you need in a pair of boxing gloves,
Then choosing becomes much easier!
That is why Punch Equipment has over 10 models of boxing gloves with a huge variety of awesome features to ensure you get exactly what you need!
Check them all out here at Punch Equipment!