2020 Eofy Sale
It’s that time of the year again and Punch Equipment has all your Boxing needs sorted with our EOFY sale.

Boxing Gloves

Black Diamond™ Special Thai Boxing Gloves

A full leather Muay Thai glove for just $77.00, yes please!

Important Features
  • Developed with unique, highly protective features for the serious Muay Thai boxers
  • Designed with V-Carpal wrist protection built into each wrist join for 'roll back' resistance
  • Premium cowhide leather outer casing
  • Breathable mesh palms for improved ventilation & drying
  • Punchtex™ reinforced palms & wrist sections for greater sweat resistance
  • Deluxe palm pillow swells
  • Streamlined, thick, full wrap wrist closure
  • Authentic Thai style gloves with a broader, shorter head for better defensive glove positioning
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Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Boxing Gloves

Box in complete style and comfort with the Mexican Elite Glove

Important Features
  • Authentic, state of the art 'Mexican glove' shaping, instantly noticeable by those who can truly tell the difference
  • Perfectly balanced for more effective punches and detectable striking feedback
  • True-to-weight guaranteed, hand-cut latex and injected mould combination padding for the perfect weight distribution
  • Taffeta linings provide a luxurious hand compartment
  • Premium grade, extra thick, cowhide leather casings with sewn-in, tab attached thumbs
  • The original, specialist turned in, Mexican thumb position for a ‘SNUG' fist
  • A stunning Mexican-styled boxing glove for sparring!
  • Thick, full wrap, 3-inch, hook and loop closures for wrist stability and security
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Pro Bag Busters® Commercial Boxing Mitts
Important Features
  • Developed with the protective knuckle padding of a boxing glove & the weight of a bag mitt
  • Built for the fitness boxing training enthusiasts
  • Designed for focus pads & boxing bag training
  • Made with a high-grade, full elastic wrist wrap for a stretchy, secure & comfortable fit
  • Semi-padded thumb for additional protection
  • AAA Grade: 2 years, extended manufacturing faults warranty included
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Mexican Fuerte™ Boxing Bag Mitts
Important Features
  • A proven, authentic & professionally designed Mexican style bag mitt ( 7oz )
  • Tested for boxing bag & focus pads training
  • Developed for minimal restriction & excellent punching feedback
  • Full cowhide leather casing & premium latex 30mm knuckle padding for added shock absorbency
  • Red trindle inner linings for maximum hand comfort & a stretch 2-inch elastic tab for a fantastic wrist fit
  • Open thumb compartment for enhanced quick drying
  • Adult Hand Size - Large
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Hyrbid Gloves

Punch® Coach Mitt Gloves/Pads
Coach Boxing Pads
Important Features
  • Boxing gloves with gel palm targets for catching punches in a group exercise workout
  • Pre-curved with stretch extra-thick hook and loop wrist & locked thumbs
  • Punchcool™ ventilation technology
  • Punch Gel impact technology
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Muay Thai Shorts

Looking for Muay Thai Shorts? We have shorts on sale for a limited time only!

Retro Muay Thai Shorts
Important Features
  • Engineered for Muay Thai & kickboxing
  • High-quality satin material
  • Wide leg openings for breathability
  • Stretch waistband with an adjustable lace drawstring
  • Wide leg, slim Muay Thai cut for complete freedom when kicking
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Personal Training Gear

Mesh Duffle Sports Gear Bag 3ft
Mesh Bags New Logo 2
Important Features
  • Comfortably carries up to approx. 12 sets of Boxing Gloves or Focus Pads
  • Dual drawstring shoulder/carry straps
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easily stored upright when full
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Sparring Gear

Urban Grill Boxing Headgear
Important Features
  • Designed for facial protection in boxing & martial arts sparring
  • Synthetic leather casing with removable, polycarbonate face cage
  • Adjustable lace top and hook & loop rear closure for an adjustable fit
  • Eardrum protectors
  • Urban Grade:
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